Phicomm Passion in the Test

The Phicomm passion brings much equipment, also easy to operate in the test, have learned the hard way but want to pay in some disciplines.

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With the Chinese manufacturer Phicomm, an in this country largely unknown player enters the Smartphone market. The Phicomm makes optical passion, the top model of the Chinese, with its flat form a good figure, processing has hardly any shortcomings in the test. The card holders are free of backlash, the matte plastic housing lies comfortably in the hand.


However, a dark chapter in the truest sense of the word, is the display of passion. The 5-inch IPS display offers full HD resolution, so that images and text look good. Unfortunately however only a beam power of below-average 268 cd/m2 reaches the screen – so it can be not much gain in the Sun. Also, the cover of the display is pretty slim: already a slightly elevated pressure enough so that images look blurry (moirĂ©).


Far better it is ordered to the inner values. Phicomm opts for the Qualcomm platform MSM8939, which enables the dual-SIM operation, and so has the passion to his main SIM – a hybrid-slot, in which a micro-SD-card or a second SIM card in Nano format for GSM reception space takes.

LTE and HSPA + is there but in the main lot. Also with 2 gigabytes of memory, eight cores with up to 1.5 GHz provide brisk pace without juddering. Phicomm is really generous when it comes to memory: who reaches for the passion, can prove whopping 27 GB for example with apps, photos, or music.


The stand-alone user interface of the new smartphone is properly managed. It is modern and attractively designed, can be changed according to taste and provides a convenient toggle display of the main features in the quick menu. Minor translation bugs show up but again, but more charming than annoying. In dark environments, it sucks but that the sensor buttons for options, home screen and back under the display are not lit. Because typing is almost to the hidden object game.

Extras: pedometer, barometer, compass

The passion has some exciting features on board. So there is also a barometer, a compass, a VHF radio besides a pedometer with clever representation, to explore the possibility of a backup and a handy Wi-FI – memory feature. With the latter you can exchange files between PC and Smartphone simply, easily and wirelessly. The only requirement: both devices must reside on the same wireless NETWORK.


The camera in the Phicomm makes right and convinced passion much with its easy-to-use interface. In the passion works a 13-megapixel camera with auto focus and photo light.

Unfortunately, a quick start feature from the lock screen has not provided Phicomm. Criticism must put up with the newcomers in the translations: so hiding behind the word “Timer” the self timer for example.

The user can choose among five recording modes. In addition, you can adjust details such as image size, exposure, and white balance in the settings menu. To make special functions – for example to high contrast images (HDR) – the passion does not however. The operation succeeds for easily by the Bank.

The front camera dissolves with 5 megapixels and delivers decent Selfies – provided, the motive is true… Videos are recorded quite firmly free and with up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.


Connect lab, the Phicomm then had to prove its qualities in terms of endurance, acoustics and reception. Talk times go right, but already in the measurements of the endurance in the practical operation of mixing the passion was out a big goof is: the achieved 4:29 hours are far below average.

Transmission and reception quality

Then there was an even worse error in the transmission and reception properties to discover: while the results for use in the GSM and LTE network in the green zone, the passion in the UMTS operating afford massive weaknesses, which is confirmed in practice.


Really too bad, because without this serious shortcoming the Phicomm would actually be passion an exciting and above all cheap alternative in the class of 5-inch smartphones.