Philips Home Theater System

The Philips HTS9225 is not a very recent design Home Theater, but Philips has been able to evolve and remains among 2.1 systems the most advanced and complete in its price range.

Although a bit dated, the Philips HTS9225 (in black), or HTS9245 (in white), is a Home Cinema 2.1 boombox that appears to start very well equipped. In addition to its well-stocked connectivity, it provides particularly extended ‘connected’ features. We can criticize the ergonomics of the oval remote, the multiple layers of the interface to the screen, or the display “on the edge” and the touch buttons on the top panel of the central unit, preventing drag this last in a shelf or on another device. But it must be recognized that no feature or any important have been forgotten.

Thanks to USB drive, Ethernet and Bluetooth, DLNA compatibility links and a receiver Webradio, this Home Theater provides access to a very large number of sources. Its Web TV interface is also rich and similar to that found on the current connected Philips TVs. There are services of TV catch-up of France Télévisions and Arte, VoD with FilmoTV, social apps like Twitter or Facebook…

The Blu-ray drive built into the central unit provides video generation with Quad HD scaler circuits to meet the needs of the new and future 4 K screens.

A high-end acoustic design

Another strong point of this Philips 2.1 system is the quality of the supplied speakers, including satellites. They are based on some elegant glass removable legs and may, if necessary, be hung on the walls on either side of the TV. While remaining a depth and a reasonable size, they are an already large volume which gives them the possibility to accommodate serious speakers: a superb dome tweeter reversed in 25 mm titanium and two woofers of 8.5 cm on each.

Sound, side, the subwoofer is equipped with a woofer of 16.5 cm in bass-reflex. It embeds the power supply of the entire system as well as the amplifiers announced for 2 x 135 watts for satellites and 230 watts to the subwoofer.

Even if it does not reach the level of perfection of a Samsung HT-FS920, aesthetics and finish of all the elements of this system Philips are very neat.

Philips HTS9225: the best compromise?

On the ground, it cannot be said the Philips HTS9225 string to be the most beautiful, the most ergonomic, best-performing or cheapest also. But on each of these points, it is placed right next to the best and therefore represents a good compromise. His sound is particularly attractive with a frequency response wide, warm and well defined, stamps a fortifying bass, treble to great precision. There is just, as a flaw, a sound image a little closed because of the quite pronounced directionality of the tweeters. The total power of 500 watts is not really to go, but the available volume is already very important and allows to animate a party as much on music this Philips HTS9225 system is able to be very aggressive with punchy bass.

Features :
-Type: channel home theater Blu – ray 3D, 2.1, with Quad HD video scaler
-Web and network functions: Philips Smart TV Plus, DLNA
-Tuner: RDS FM and Internet radio
-Inputs: 3 HDMI 1.4, audio optical, audio analogue
-Output: HDMI 1.4
-Power amplification: 2 x 135 + 230 watts
-Subwoofer: 16.5 cm, bass reflex woofers, 196 x 397 x 342 mm, 5.3 kg
-Satellite speakers: 8.5 cm 2 boomers, tweeter dome 25 mm titanium, 131 x 334 x 99 mm, 1.2 kg
-Multimedia connections: Ethernet, Wi – Fi, USB, iPod/ iPhone, Bluetooth USB
-HD audio formats: Dolby TrueHD, DTS – HD Master Audio
-Video multimedia formats: asf, AVI, DivX, MKV, MP4, WMV, flv, mov
-Price: €800