Pink Line of Death Plagued Owner Of Galaxy s7 Edge

The reports from owners of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, who complain of massive display problems are piling up in the Web.

On the Web, owner of an Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are often complain about a problem which now was baptized with the name “Pink Line of Death”. According to the reports, a vertical line in the color first appears pink on the AMOLED display of the affected devices. After some time, the display then in many cases totally failed his service. In the official Samsung Forum, there are already a lot of pages of long thread about the problem.

The problem has been for some time. However, more and more owners of smartphones seem to be affected. Already in November a Samsung employee in the forum thread reported and the affected customers had prompted be to ship your unit at Samsung to check. Official Samsung did not comment but still the problem, so that the affected owners of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge must hope that Samsung fixes the bug in under warranty.

According to the site Our site report is some users, that to solve the problem with work-arounds, with the tips but to enjoy with caution and a success is not guaranteed.So help a new calibration of the display, for example, sometimes after entering by * #0*#. Sometimes multiple attempts are necessary. Other users, however, recommend to press slightly with your fingers on the upper right side of the housing of the Smartphone. At least that get out then temporarily line pink.