Plan Renove Yoigo

Confirmed rumors that betting by a plan Renove yoigo for today. This will allow us to renew our mobile if we have already fulfilled the permanence of our contract.

At the moment, few options that the operator offers to renew phone: LG KU380 0 euros, Nokia 3120-0 euros and the Nokia 6555 for 9 euros.

A plan Renove that is evil and afternoon. Later since they should have it offered, at least as soon as the first contracts finished his tenure and not many months later. Bad because they just offer three phones, by very free to whatever, low range. Hopefully that they will not take to add the other terminals to our catalog.

All renewal well of this plan is that it is simple and easy. Always know what it will cost us renew our phone, not like in other companies where we need complicated tables with points, discounts,…