POwer Banks For The Iphone In The Test – The Best Mobile Batteries

Increasingly, owners of smartphones and tablets use their devices – improvements to keep pace with internal batteries so. Therefore, power-banks, with which you can recharge its mobile devices even without outlet, enjoy popularity. We present the most popular and best devices for mobile recharging.

Now they come in all sizes, shapes and colors, which can be: power banks. The small external batteries are especially useful if you forgot to recharge his Smartphone or Tablet over night. But for users, where the heavy use of smartphones is noticeable also in the battery power, the external batteries on-the-go are pretty useful.

Lumsing glory P2 plus

The power Bank glory P2 plus from Lumsing brings whopping 15,000 mAh. Thus he qualifies as the iPad Pro 12.9 inches, which akku can hold a load of over 10,000 mAh or Macbook Pro with its good 5,000 mAh as external energy storage for larger devices. Both devices can also provide with fresh energy from the power base since it has built even one for USB-C in addition to an adpativen USB output and a quick batch 2.0 and 3.0

compatible USB-A socket – it is used as both input and output. So got enough cable to the power Bank to do so, you can at the same time, iPhone, MacBook and iPad download fully – if not the large iPad Pro. In turn be the battery pulls in its restrained designed black casing power via micro-USB. The manufacturer promises 500 charging cycles without the power. The only drawback is followed from the big load of glory P2 plus: the power Bank with 356 grams weighs almost twice as much as an iPad. She’s quite reasonably priced at 30 euros for their facilities.

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Zendure A2

From the outside, the external battery by Zendure looks like a suitcase, in fact he is only slightly larger than a credit card (5 cm x 9, 4 cm). The buyer does not receive for 26,83 euro only Zendure A2, but also a micro-USB cable and a power Bank light the 127 g bag.

The case is very sturdy and protects the internal battery from forces. The battery also has a small feature: while you recharge the power Bank, you can recharge at the same time their Smartphone or Tablet over this. Also recognizes the USB port that connected device by alone and thus automatically delivers the maximum on loading speed (maximum 2.1 A).

The Zendure A2 with 6700 is mAH both with iOS – as well as compatible with Android devices. When a compatible device is connected, the power Bank turns by alone one and supplying power to the unit. According to the manufacturer the power Bank between four and six hours can be recharged completely.

The Zendure A2 is available in black and white.

Zendure A5

The big brother of the Zendure A2 with 16750 mAh is somewhat more expensive, delivers more power. The price for this approximately 320 g heavy model is 49,80 Euroandnon is slightly less than the iPhone 7 (7, 2cm x 12, 7cm).

This power base has the same features as the Zendure A2, offers but also two USB-output positions. The charging time of the Zendure A5 persists between 11 and 15 hours.

Pilot 4GS

This model of Poweradd has a much simpler design: for 24.99 Euro to get an external battery made of aluminium with a capacity of 12000 mAh.

The pilot 4GS offers two USB-output (5V/3A), an Apple lightning input bodies and also has LED indicators, which provide information on the status of the battery. The power Bank weighs 280 grams and has a charging time of about 8 hours.

Anchor PowerCore

The external battery from the House brings a large capacity anchor mAh with his 20100. The advantage of the anchor PowerCore is the dual USB port, so that up to two different devices can be charged with a battery. According to the manufacturer unless the iPad mini with the 355 gram heavy power Bank possible, up to two times, even up to seven times to recharge the iPhone 6 S. With up to 2.4 amps per port iPhone and iPad to can be recharged very quickly.

20100 is included with the anchor of PowerCore for 31,99 EUR (black or white), a micro-USB cable and a travel pouch included. However, one must have a lightning cable for the iPhone and iPad.

Poweradd slim 2

The external battery pack called Poweradd slip 2 brings a little less performance. For this, the cylinder-shaped power Bank is also priced slightly cheaper. For a total of 10.99 euros you get a 118 grams battery, with a cargo of 5000 mAh. A small LED lamp on the housing are information on how much energy the battery still has. Product description should be one loud one Smartphone until can charge twice. A micro-USB cable is included in the scope of delivery, a lightning cable is not supplied also here.

EC technology power Bank

For frequent users, the external battery from EC is an alternative technology. With a total of three USB outputs and a cargo of 22400 mAh, the manufacturer promises that you eight times, more than three times can recharge an iPad mini iPhone 6. With 463 grams, the battery is although not the easiest, for this makes a lot but also visually. The user has the choice between a red black or white black battery, and also in this model, a small led on the power state of power Bank informed. Get the power Bank and a USB cable for 29,99 Euro.

Tizi flask express

In the middle price class, you get the mobile battery of company equinux. Here the price is 19.99 Euro. The manufacturer sets this to a simple design with average performance. However Express can be recharged with the tizi flask only one device. For this, the battery will automatically detect which device was connected to the power Bank and further, as much power, requires the device for optimal charging.

The battery holds a load of 4000 mAh and can charge according to the manufacturer therefore up to two times from zero to 100 percent Smartphone. The iPhone 6S will, for example, up to 1.5 times charge – ideal for users who have power up a device on the road.

Lumsing glory P1 fit

The power-BankLumsing glory P1 is situated around 17 euros in price middle-class, fit. The simple flat battery weighs 240 grams, is equipped with 3 USB ports, and can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. The power Bank to automatically detect the devices connected to it, and accordingly adjust the charging process.

Its capacity of 10000 mAh enough according to the manufacturer, the iPhone 6 four times, 2.5 times, and the iPad air one time complete to recharge the Galaxy S6. It is also practical that a button on the housing enables the display of the current charging state via an LED Strip.