Practical test: Our site Go 400, 500, 600 and 6000

2013 car navigation systems from Our site
The our site go live 1015 is already more than a year on the market and some hard-boiled our site fan was not happy about battery breakdowns and failures of the Live Jam detector. In Amsterdam, Dutch GPS maker has unveiled four new devices. Make Our site now it all right?

Lifetime updates and storage warning via the Internet

All new Our site Go offer lifetime map updates for Europe (45 countries) and live traffic information via the mobile phone network (HD-traffic). The models from the hundreds-series (go 400, go 500 and go 600) must be coupled to the receiver via Bluetooth with a Smartphone. In the first test, this was no problem for an iPhone 4s, as well as an HTC one X. In the short test, only data sets in the kilobyte range were incurred for the jams. No data flat for the Smartphone, you should pair the go but not with the Navi. Probably due to the high roaming costs abroad, Our site also grabs a TMC traffic jam Warner but only for the German and U.S. market.

Our site Go 6000 with SIM card

Who buys the top model go 6000 with six-inch display, it does not need to link with the mobile. It has already a built-in SIM card, which operate throughout Europe to live as already on the go 1015. According to Our site not excluded, that also still a go 5000 there, with built-in SIM card, but a smaller display.

Functions of the 2013 Our site Go Navis

Our site Go 400, 500, 600 and 6000 more overview and perspective
The large Our site Go Navis have a capacitive touch display with six inches diagonal (i.e. 15.2 centimeters) quite already huge in comparison to the most car navigation systems. Who does not want to hang to his windscreen himself with a six-incher: the new navigation systems, there are also a couple of numbers less than the first digit in the model name stands for the display diagonal. The 400 measures 4.3 inches (10.9 cm) Accordingly, the 500 has five inches (12.7 cm) diagonal. All displays tend indeed to reflections, are bright enough to read even in direct sunlight.

Motorcycle Navis in the test: who is the Kurvenstar?
Test mobile navigation: who has the best cards?

First impressions
The new Our site navigation systems should bring something and those arriving every day more or less the same goals. In total, there are more overview. The control panel reminiscent of smartphones with Android, have a little playful. The comic style of the old Our site pictogram is apparently passé. The card can be liquid moving backwards and forth.

Good: At a glance can now consider as already on the Our site directly in the Navi maps route planner page. After one tap of the card section, there is information about the disorder. Left: routes are according to the current situation, as well as after each day and time usual situation calculated (IQ routes). The side stripes on the right shows stylized the planned route, as well as the pending delays on the route.

Navkit 6.0

The new software Navkit 6.0 is completely renovated and can actually waiting with clever ideas that bring fresh wind into the dormant Navi market:

Finger gestures to zoom the map (but no turning of the snippet). Favorites on the map: favorite destinations are constantly displayed on the map: This saves you steps in the Zieleingabe.Zielsuche easier: anyone looking for a target, tap the magnifying glass, enters a destination on a command line. As you type, the Navi searches for targets that contain the search term. Addresses in the left part of the display appear, POIs right. So eliminates the tedious work of search menus (example: POI search Greek restaurants). Targets can continue to close, on the route and elsewhere look. Not so the new search very long search words, about Park and Ride S-Bahn Elbgaustraße works well) because only a few characters of the result are displayed.
Search results are displayed on the map: instead of rummaging through lists, for example, are looking for petrol stations on the map are displayed. The desired you must then just tap and select, the navigation to start., 3D views are new at least for Our site. The cards are still open at least in the featured test devices. Intermediate: Routes with several milestones can now finally better to plan. This will please especially people that need to go to often one specific objectives (as representative).

Stripped down Live services

The Live services gave significantly reduced in the new Our site at least in the featured version: so the live POI search on Google was at the new go models. Because Google requires too much money for this service according to Our site, this service from other Our site Navis flew out for updates. Our site has set the red pencil in important other functions: none of the new Navis had voice control and a hands-free function is missing even on the top model.

Bye, bye map share

Too bad the map share feature is virtually dead: changes in the map in the GPS itself settled in earlier devices mark, not possible at least get it in the new go this possibility in the presented equipment was missing. The question is, who is at home takes the trouble to make necessary changes to the PC.

Conclusion: Our site Go (2013)

The new our site might discourage some motorists more of them go to navigate only via Smartphone. Because they look good and are even easier to use. Good: Everything you need to know quickly while driving, appears on the screen, all waste is expelled.

Our site has still not reveal what the new devices cost and when they come in the trade probably sometime in the summer 2013혼다



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