‘Prague’, The New Blackberry That Is Speculated Will Arrive in August… and with Android

There is no definitive data, the contrary many rumours about the launch of an Android for Blackberry phone. It reached to confirm Reuters though the company denies it, although it is true that the rumors continue fuelling with force.

The latter brings a name: BlackBerry ‘Prague’ is the code name of the Android phone the Canadian company, which already has him ready to be presented in the month of August This year. However, it will not be a phone such and as many are wishing it see it: will not be a high range, but on the contrary.

BlackBerry would change strategy perhaps to avoid fighting against the Titans who have settled years. BlackBerry ‘Prague’ would be an emerging markets-oriented input terminal, designed to compete against all those Android One taking a relative success in the market. From what I have in N4BB will be a phone similar to the Z3 Blackberry, but with Google as a flag system.

In addition, this transition so aggressively (and also expected) would come accompanied from a suite of Blackberry applications on Android, that how would it not come pre-installed in this ‘Prague’. A move that may be similar to that of Microsoft with Nokia X that, all told, did not end them out very well.