Prepare Yourself For The New iPad

The third generation iPad comes to Denmark on 23. March, and it will come in black and white version.

Yesterday, we wrote most of Retina screen, which attracted the most attention, but something which is also very important is an upgraded mobile, 4 g LTE technology which supports up to 73 Mbps. With the amazing Retina display, 5MP camera, iSight and super fast 4 g LTE, is the new iPad a device that is worth the wait.

A question on how quad-core graphics and Retina screen will affect the new iPad battery? Even with these changes, you must continue to get up to 10 hours of power to lese, view, play, write, and do what you want.

By informing you about all these spesifikationene of the new device from Apple, you can prepare yourself to z buy Accessories for the new iPad. If you know that the new iPad-model has almost the same dimensions as the iPad 2, you can buy, for example, Apple Smart Cover which can be an iPad cover for the new iPad. We also offer a range of modern iPad accessories-iPad Chargers, iPad, fluids, and other accessories for the new iPad.