Privacy? Google Engineer Spied Teens

This will put all your personal information on Google. At any time an employee of the company can be used to their privileged position to spy on their data and use them against you. Of course they are rare incidents of this kind, but they happen. And one came to light this week: A company engineer spied four teenagers while working at Google.

David Barksdale , a young 27 year old who worked as a giant engineer of searches in Washington for at least four times made ​​use of his position in Google to get access to youth data. In such cases, Barksdale had access to information from these people stored on Google’s servers without their consent.

In one case, the unblocked engineer himself in the contact list Gtalk a person. This person had already taken action to cut relations with Barksdale, but he insisted and mocked the security of Google Talk to take advantage of it.

A 15 year old was also the target of the engineer. He had his records Google Voice investigated by Barksdale, whose aim was to find out the name of his new girlfriend. After getting this information, the engineer made ​​threats to the young, saying he would call the girl.

The parents of these young people have contacted Google, which decided to investigate the case. A person who complained engineer with the company’s board received in response they verificariam the situation: “Thank you for reporting; we’ll investigate quietly and we will contact you again if we need anything else, “said Eric Grosse.

Barksdale was fired in July of that year, after Google became aware of his actions.

In a statement to, Google said that “we control the number of employees who have access to our systems.” According to the company, a limited number of people “will always be required to access these systems if we wanted to operate them properly =”.