Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon in the Test

Much mass that moves not: still a secret of success for turntables. And who thought Pro-Ject rather represent the opposite opinion, which was wrong. We have the new turntable, Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon in the test.

Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon

Easy and almost indestructible. Therefore, carbon is already characterized, if one does not know the new Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon. As the successor of the RPm 9.2 evolution, he added more sheer mass to the lightweight fabric. And thus develops a high mass concentration in the smallest space. Already the chassis is only as big as a platter, round and just outstanding “balcony” – the mounting surface for the tone arm.

But the three fingers strong base of Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon has it, he’s alone but a really heavy debris, whose gleaming carbon surface belies the weight. But only so long as one must balance the “round with three feet” not on a table.

The secret behind the heavy appearance is deep in the Interior of the solid block of that works like a kind of Hamburger: light pastry with a tasty, filling. Would the same gourmet bite out their teeth on this Fresspaketchen, United’s but hardness, high stiffness and literally comforting weight, making the centrally arranged, inverted bearing particularly one: “poured a” firmly in metal pellets.

The construction of the Pro-Ject complete package manages sure less experienced vinyl fans who perhaps should seek help at the cartridge alignment. The distance of the motor to the turntable is given by using a plastic template.

And this is also necessary because now aluminum platter with a damping rubber inlay provides – Pro-Ject expert on almost a little unusual – an extremely powerful right for more mass concentration. The Pro-Ject RPM 9 carbon is so hard that it is already not a pleasure, to lift the thick aluminum round out of the box.

With such actions, the heart of course is the vinyl fan, just the tapping test is made, resulting in highly satisfying fails: this turntable does arise exactly namely dead what he should do. And so it is also tender and extremely careful to put the massive plate, the upper end of which adorns a greased ceramic ball bearing axis. It is indeed highly vulnerable, their burden may indemnify, wants to get off but no blows from its counterpart, the bearing bushing in the plate.

But a turntable is not only an unshakable basis for the sampling process, but are also the “in water”, and accurately. Big feet, which are screwed into huge threads on the chassis worry in the Pro-Ject. Finally, we must formulate, someone has realized that the so often encountered, slender turntable feet, yet with threads that rarely go beyond five or six millimeters in diameter, are above all: shaky, if not very firmly pulling on the small screws.

As a camera lens

Such allegations can be cold carbon the Pro-Ject RPM 9, because its smooth height adjustments on the three giant feet turns so sick as an expensive camera lens. And now a highly contented smile in the face of the installer, whose Aufmerksamkeit first applies the supplied bubble sneaks. And is the severe ensemble precisely in the horizontal plane and waiting for his playing partner, the tonearm with carbon tube, integrated headshell and precision ball bearings.

The integrated headshell is sonically probably benefit, represents an integral part of the arm tube, thus there is no contact or support problems. The other side of the coin is a complicated Assembly of the down button, what one does best when built out, “on the back” the tonearm. And so you also stresses not the sensitive bearings. Then, caution and a needle protection are offered, until the arm is firmly seated on the base.

Pro pieces is tonearm height and lateral adjustment. In other words: it allows for VTA – and Azimuth adjustment. Who is with the latter don’t want to struggle and insisting that the pickup manufacturer stick your needles to the cantilever and exact grinding, which is considered the arm tube from the front exactly horizontal, ignored the problem and chooses one to the used pickup of three counterweights fitting. Rule of thumb: The closer the counterweight at the camp sits, the better. And of course we have tried a geometry template, as well as an electronic stylus balance – now not more – a great investment for the cartridge installation.

MC pickup

A playing partner is provided again by Ortofon, the quintet bronze. And clearly, the Pro-Ject RPM requires 9 carbon already so adequate equipment, the 600-euro MC system makes everything else as exaggeration. Through its medium compliance, it harmonizes perfectly with medium-heavy Tonearms. And with a terminating resistor between 50 and 100 ohms, the somewhat low-impedance Ortofon should cope well, recommended further 23 Millinewton force.

And the drive? Simply an extra motor which drives a belt around the plate next to the drive. We would still recommend vinyl newcomers themselves, adjusting the down button regard to at least, to get help.

The quirky smooth, quite a touch is treble-friendly Ortofon from the Pro-Ject RPM 9 supports carbon not only good, but rather encouraged. So the tones get more intense, this opens the space more in depth than the width. The three-dimensional presentation total there to suspend anything; also, because the ensemble plays always homogeneous and airy, transparent apart dividing large Orchestra and never too voluminous or even overly solid appears. The strengths of the drive – peace, a solid bass Foundation and timing-security – are clearly audible, this tends not to nervousness, but rather to sovereign composure combined. Since there may be steeper appearances at the competition associated often with significantly increased nervousness and paler tone colors.

Approved or impetuous

Ultimately a matter of personal taste. Here you must choose players between the Stoic composure of mass concepts, on the one hand and the exuberant but sometimes impetuous gait of easier sub-chassis. Classical music fans – even though such distinctions are in themselves not just rational – facing a page, we recommend the Pro-Ject package to the gourmets group.

Review conclusion

Successful, very harmonious overall package for higher demands in tasteful look and execution. Although absolutely nothing against the pickups, the good arm offers here even more “managerial” air according to above.