Protect your mobile against sand and water – enjoy a safe holiday!

Summer is the time when you feel free and relaxed, but you must remember that our gadgets meets different challenges in this period. This applies, first and foremost, to water and sand. That is why PerComputer decided to help you with some simple tips and tricks. 🙂 Read on and enjoy your spare time without worries!

Waterproof Mobile Bag

1. Beware of the temperature

Extreme heat or cold can lead to noticeable impacts on the phone’s battery, screen and organ meats. As with your skin, is the best way to protect your cell phone or your tablet, to keep it in the shade. If you find that the phone is overheating in the Sun, let it cool gradually. Put them in the refrigerator or freezer.

2. Use waterproof accessories

The most frequent problem is water damage. You can read more about how you can repair your phone if this occurs. However, in order to prevent damage caused by sand and water, you can use a simple, transparent plastic bag as well as a little tape to get the bag to lie close to your mobile.

3. Keep your gadgets dry

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable protection, to boating, swimming or to take underwater photos, try a waterproof pouch. At MyTrendyPhone you can find both universal and model-specific bags – to both tablets and mobile phones.