Protect your Nokia N8 with OtterBox Commuter

N8 is Nokia’s touch smartphone that competes with iPhone and Android smartphones. N8 WINS don’t really fight, but it is still a really good smartphone. The offer most, if not all, of the same properties as its competitors, at a much lower price, while it has its own appstore, and a familiar menu system.

As expected came OtterBox Commuter for N8 off the top. It is a powerful, multi-layer protective case which is really good at keeping your N8 safe. OtterBox Commuter consists of two parts; a strong but thin piece of film to protect the screen, and a strong polycarbonate shell. The corners of the pouch is made from silicone which helps to absorb the blow by the loss of your phone.

OtterBox Commuter for Nokia N8

– Cut-outs for all buttons and ports

– Silicone plugs to protect for the ports when not in use

– Includes a self-adhering protective film

The Nokia N8 is a phone that radiates innovation and creativity. Keep your new best friend polished and beautiful with the OtterBox Commuter series for Nokia N8. The stylish and surprisingly thin pouch will ensure that you’re staying connected outside world through shock, scratches and bumps.