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Blueye connects in short Apple’s music player Ipod to your mobile phone. It means I am with Blueye can listen to music on my Ipod, but also answer the phone when it rings and hear the person I talk to in the Ipod headphones. On the Ipod screen shows who is calling, or, in any case, the phone number of the caller.

But the Blueye is also equipped with an FM radio, which actually doesn’t cover another flaw in Ipod music players.

The blueye is a small, small block, the size of two sugar cubes approximately. In the example I föster til the sweater, and then do I pair it with my Ipod via a cord. The little brick I also connect my regular Ipod earphones.

The nviktigaste function with the Blueye is the ability to receive calls. When the music fades the sound down and then I can talk. Talking makes me in the small microphone that sits on top of the Blueye. The whole is the right logical and simple. If I want to reject the incoming call, press I on the button to go to the next song.

If you want to call the last received numbers to keep down the bluetooth button, and can choose between the nine recent numbers in the Ipod display. This does not always completely logical, and you should hit a different number than someone who recently called one must, of course, pick up the phone. It had been cleverly with a small display and an address book also to this gadget would feel more complete.

Through a side button, you can turn on the FM radio, and scan through to the various available radio channels. It works clearly approved and it can store 15 radio stations in the memory.

Blueye is definitely one of the smarter Ipod accessories we tested, but at the same time, it is perhaps ocksåett proof that music mobiles is a smarter solution for portable music and voice.


Sound quality: 7

User experience: 7

Features: 8

Ergonomics: 9

Call quality: 8

Total: 78%

Top score

Fact box

Type: Link between your mobile phone and Ipod

Weight: 9 grams

Works with: All mobiles with bluetooth and a fifth generation Ipod or Ipod Nano