Rapid Tests Gear4 Bluphone

Gear4 manufactures all kinds of accessories for ipod and other music players. Now, the company has also come with cordless stereo headphones for music phones. And certainly attract a price tag under 1000 kronor.

The design is the same as previously seen on cheaper stereo bluetooth lurking. The headphones are small and are held together by a rather thin headband that goes behind the neck. In this case the jumper very rubbery, which is good for comfort compared to, for example, Motorola’s solution with hard plastic.

The weakness of these headphones are when it comes to the crunch sound. Firstly, it feels somewhat meager. What is worse: prone to playing a constant sniping in the sound. So painful that you cannot listen. We have previously been through this on other less expensive stereo bluetooth lurking. The reason is unknown to us, but it’s not good.

Then it does not help much to excessive sound levels are pleasantly light and pocketable because they go to spin up.

Question answer

How does the talking on the phone?

Answer: Call the sound is bad, but it is possible to answer with a quick press the handset button. With a longer press I reject the call.






The sound

Choppers sometimes


Sound quality: 2

Comfort: 7

Features: 5

Buttons: 5

Call quality: 3

Total: 44%

Fact box

Type: Cordless stereo headphones

Weight: 26 grams

Works with: All mobiles with support for stereo bluetooth (A2DP)