Raspberry Pi USB 2.0 Hub

It took 5 months but that’s it, we have finally a real… a good… a great USB HUB 7-port USB 2.0, self-powered… able to provide 2 amps… to fully satisfy the most demanding Raspberry-Pi users.

All ports support USB 2.0, which means that they are fast and allow to connect video camera and peripheral high speed. The USB HUBs right markets don’t support usually only USB 1.1 which is much slower.
What makes this HUB especially interesting is its external adapter 5 volts to charge 2 amps… This is huge for this type of material, enough to allow using devices consuming as to video cameras, the Wifis key, flash disks.

The Hub has a 2 Amp PTC Resettable fuse.
Unlike the cheap USB HUB, offers 7 ports from a single integrated circuit rather than offer two circuits channels 4 ports (in the latter case, the computer communicates with 2 separate devices… which decreases performance).

This USB HUB will be a great companion of your IP, which does not have that, two USB ports, which are, moreover, limited in capacity-it has been tested with success on Raspberry Pi for which he was selected but also works with Mac and Windows.

Or buy?

  • TheUSB HUB 2.0-7 ports-2 amps is available at MCHobby