Read Message in WhatsApp Without Showing it Read?

When you send a message to WhatsApp, the first symbol to appear is a small clock, which means your message is being processed to leave your phone. It may be that the connection is not working, your WiFi is off, or any such minor flaw.

Read Message in WhatsApp Without Showing it Read

At a later time, a gray √ symbol will appear, showing that your message has already been sent but has not yet reached the recipient. It may be that the phone has no connection, or the person has not yet logged on the internet to receive the message.

When the sent message has two √√ symbols in gray, the recipient has received the message but has not yet read the message. It may be that the person did not open WhatsApp, or simply did not see the message received.

When the sent message has two √√ symbols in blue it means that it has been read by the recipient.

For several reasons, you may not like people to see this kind of information. Or check out the last time you got online at WhatsApp. And all this is possible through WhatsApp’s privacy settings.

Read message in WhatsApp without showing it read?

There are different ways of reading messages from a sender without showing that you have read, that is, without leaving the blue sticks.

  • Notifications: If your phone has WhatsApp notifications turned on, messages appear on your device’s screen. Reading messages only in the notification menu will not mark the message as read.
  • Airplane mode: To check WhatsApp messages, turn on airplane mode on your smartphone, open the application, and read the messages. To activate airplane mode, simply go to the notifications or settings menu, or press the power button on the device.
  • Confirming messages in WhatsApp: open WhatsApp and open the application settings menu by choosing the Account option and then Privacy. Disable the “read confirmation” option. You also will not be able to read if other people have read your messages. Does not work for groups.
  • Apps: There are apps that do all this privacy work for you. Just take a look at the Play Store.

How do I hide the last time I went online in WhatsApp?

You can use the above methods or simply open WhatsApp, go to the application settings, open the Account option, Privacy, and choose the “last seen” option for who will appear the last time you went online in WhatsApp: for anyone, for everyone or if only for your contacts.