Red Dot Award 2015 Watch

The winners of the 2015 world of watchmaking were announced

São Paulo – Red Dot Award is an award given to numerous products for excellence in your designwith glasses to cars, household items.

The winners of the 2015 world of watchmaking were announced. This was the first year that watches were presented in a different category. Previously they entered along with jewelry.

Two products were the main winners, with the title “Best of the Best” (the best of the best). The first of these was the Apple Watch, super reviewed and published worldwide.

The second was received by a company that very likely, few people who act outside the world of horology ever hear: MB & F Horological Machine model with 6 Space Pirate No.1.

There were other 12 categories of awards. Among them, a new model of MB & F Horological Machine No. 5: CarbonMacrolon.

Maurice Lacroix was also winner in, with the models Points Date and S Supercharged. Porsche Design, which began making his own watches last year (before that were made for the eternal), received an award for your Timepiece model No. 1

Not all the winners were complete watches. The German company MeisterSinger, specializes in watches from a single pointer, received a Red Dot for your MSH01 gauge.

The company of bracelets won by your black bracelet Hirsch and yellow, belonging to your collection Performance.

Appole wasn’t the only one to receive prize with smartwatches. Sony was awarded by your smart SmartBandTalk and bracelet for your SmartWatch clock 3.

The winners were chosen by a jury of three experts. One of them is Ru? diger Bucher, editor-in-Chief of sister publication of Brazil, WatchTime magazine Chronos. Bucher is also editorial director of the magazine division of the publishing house Ebner Publishing.

The other two judges were Gu? enter Wermekes, Goldsmith and jeweler, and Herman Hermsen, professor of jewelry design and products of the University of applied sciences Düsseldorf, in Germany.

See in the pictures the winners of the awards.