Restore Deleted Pictures And Videos Via IOS 8 On Your iPhone Or iPad

IOS 8 is the greatest iOS update so far, and it was available for Apple devices on 17. September. If you’ve got the update, have you noticed that iOS 8 has a number of interesting improvements, tweaks and upgrades.

IOS 8 tips and tricks

IOS 8 tips and tricks

One of the best new features of iOS 8-units is the ability to restore images or videos you’ve deleted accidentally. Today we will explain how you can do it.

How to restore deleted photos and videos on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8?

You can recover deleted photos or videos on your iOS device in 6 steps:

  1. Open the Photos app from your home screen
  2. Press Album
  3. Tap an album called Deleted recently
    (The album Deleted recently is automatically created on devices running iOS 8, and there you can see all the photos and videos you’ve deleted in the recent past, as well as the number of days the files remain in the album before they are permanently deleted.)
  4. Press a picture or a video you want to restore
  5. At the bottom of the screen you will see a Restore button in the right hand corner
  6. Press Restore, and picture or video will be moved to the camera roll

OBS! Remember that deleted photos and videos remain in the album Deleted recently for up to 30 days.