Revenues Fall in a BlackBerry That It Seizes The Benefits

BlackBerry He has presented the fiscal results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2015, and in them the good management of John Chen, who brought to the Canadian firm of the red numbers to provide positive data in some sections is clear. Like this, the profit was $ 28 million, good news that contrasts with the fall in revenue, which has moved from the 976 million dollars in the same period of the year 2013 to 660 million this year.

Revenues of the fiscal year 2015 have been 3.330 billion dollars, when the previous fiscal year had risen to 6.810 million dollars. That gives to think, but again there are to take into account that the company has gone from having losses of 5,870 million dollars in the fiscal year 2014 a “only” 304 million loss dollars in the fiscal year 2015.

Chen says that Blackberry has managed to maintain its margins and its new roadmaps have had a good catching. In addition, highlighted the CEO of Blackberry, “the company needs revenue to stabilize”. The company 3,270 million dollars in box available order to cope with the coming quarters, something that should help keep that good line.

The BlackBerry situation is far from what it was a few years ago, when it dominated the business segment, but its current approach, more oriented to software and services that the production and sale of smartphones – although beware, because there are exceptions like the singular Passport – you seem to be working.