Review: As The First Iphone changed the world

A life without Smartphone? Unimaginable for many! It’s been just the first ten years since the first model.

On January 9, 2007, so ten years ago, the late Apple founder and Supremo Steve Jobs presented in one of his legendary keynotes “three revolutionary units”, as he put himself at that time itself. The first is an evolved iPod listening to music, the second a mobile phone, and the third an instrument with an Internet connection. Everything was stuck, you know of course, in a single device.

Thus the at that time featured Marvel was revolutionary and in just ten years very much in the world changed almost everything – it could escalate. Certainly, there were also previously so-called smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). But against the first true Smartphone devices looked old like the Nokia Communicator or the Palm handhelds with pen. That was equally for the technology, such as for the new operating concept via finger touch and the expandability. As similar as on the PC software for virtually any purpose on the phone was suddenly install. How successful the app concept has evolved, evident fact, that it has copied the competition 1:1.

The iPhone has changed everything

Many people, especially the younger ones, can no longer imagine life without your Smartphone – whether now with iOS, Android or Windows -. This is mainly because this one eliminates so many other devices. Map, photo – and video camera, lexicon, CD player, game console, radio and TV, video store, library and Bookstore, alarm clock and clock, telephone booth and increasingly even the computer.

That the development is not completed long ago and we are rather in a process, of course. The social networks and their growing influence on society and politics we have not even mentioned, nor the central role of the smartphones in the networked home. And why should you learn even a foreign language in the school when the phone translates any language in real time? The list could continue. That run many Smartphone applications not on the device itself, but in the cloud, is only a technical detail.

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IPhone 10 years: so it all began

Long since Apple is no longer alone in the Smartphone market: Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Google, LG, HTC and many other manufacturers have been added. The potential of smartphones has swept away virtually Nokia as the former world market leader in the segment of mobile phones. And long since not everything that the user with his all-rounder can do now quite easily anywhere and at any time, was foreseeable when the idea a decade ago. Some, however, already. If you want, take a look in the nearly hour-long presentation of the first iPhone by Steve Jobs on YouTube once.

What’s next?

According to Kazuo Hirai, the head of the electronics group Sony, lacking in Smartphone development now innovations: “The Smartphone era coming an end, as previously the phones”, Kazuo is perspective. What to 2017 specifically expect of new smartphones and new functions, show the two fairs at the beginning of the year. A manufacturer but so far doesn’t matter, namely Apple on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Mobile World Congress (MWC). You find online that’s why at us up-to-date information and rumors about the new features, the release date and the price of the next iPhone.