Rumor: iPhone Gets Major Upgrades Every Three Years

Apple will now only give iPhones a great upgrade every three years instead of every two. The new product cycle enters into force with the iPhone already 7.

There comes not just as often great innovations from Apple as before. The always well-informed Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, believe to know that Apple goes over to a three-year product cycle rather than the previous biennial.

It will say that there are going to go three years between major upgrades of Apple’s iPhone with a brand new design and great innovations, while in the two intervening years will only be minor improvements such as improved camera quality.

The reason for Apple’s new strategy, according to the Japanese newspaper is due to two factors. First there is the fact that smartphones have evolved so much in previous years that it’s hard to do the same, great technological progress as hitherto. iPhones and all other smartphones are in other words become so good, that there is a need for more time to let the market evolve, before a very big upgrade can be done.

Then there is the factor that sales of smartphones has fallen gradually over the years, and that the market at these latitudes are saturated. With far fewer technological step taken year by year, there is not the same basis, in order to use resources on a huge design and functional upgrade, if not the market is for it.

The next major upgrade will happen in 2017

A three-year iPhone-cycle does not come completely out of thin air. The story has been through many loose rumours passed on, to the next big iPhone upgrade first will take place in 2017, where there will be a brand new glass design and major changes as an AMOLED screen.

This year you must therefore settle for small, subtle enhancements such as dual-camera in iPhone 7 Plus,increased storage space and RAM and, not least, a farewell to the mini jack connector – all in a near-identical design with the iPhone 5, 5s, and 6s 6.