Rumor: Next Year’s iPhone Gets Curved OLED Screen

Apple stores the major design changes for next year, which the iPhone can be equipped with a curved OLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy like S7 edge, sounds new rumor.

Although iPhone 7 are not even launched yet, there are already reports of the iPhone, which will be launched next year-probably with the name iPhone 8.

There has already been ongoing information about that 2017 Edition of the iPhone will have a significantly different glass design and an OLED screen, just likethis year’s iPhone 7 instead only gets minor changesdue to Apple’s three-year product cycle rather than the previous biennial.

The latest information from the analysis Institute IHS Technology in so affirm the theory that the great news first comes next year. From one of the company’s analysts, who also recently was able to report that the 16 GB version of the iPhone 7 disappears, says that next year’s iPhone will be equipped with a curved OLED screen.

In addition to several other Chinese manufacturers such as Samsung are Xiaomi (with model Mi 5) and vivo (with model Xplay 5) also started to implement the unique, curved screen. This year, among other things, Apple also jump on the bandwagon, it sounds so.

Apple equips next year’s iPhone with a double curved screen, gives just perfect sense compared to the previously mentioned rumour that metal is replaced with glass and the front will be totally minimalist. What exactly will take advantage of the Apple so that extra screen real estate is still unclear, but according to Phone Arena will Apple again rethink the way in which you operate your smartphone.