Rumor: Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Is Called Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will do away with confusing naming by skipping a generation and call the next phablet for Galaxy Note 7 instead of Galaxy Note 6.

Since Samsung last fall launched the two phones, the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 edge Note 5 +, it gave rise to some confusion. The two smartphones were virtually identical-except that the latter came with Samsung’s curved screen, but nevertheless they were launched with two different generation numbers.

Therefore, Samsung will now make it easier for customers to find head and tail in the different phones in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note-series in a few months when it’s time for the launch of the next Galaxy Note.

Instead of getting the name Galaxy Note 6, and on paper, always be a generation behind the Galaxy S series, gets the name Galaxy Note 7 to match Galaxy S7-the phones on the name. It writes the South Korean newspaper ETNews.

“With Samsung Electronics called a new Galaxy Note already for Galaxy Note 7”, sounds it supposedly from a Samsung spokesman.

As the first in the series opted not to sell Note 5-Samsung smart phone in Europe and Denmark, because it reminded so much about the other Galaxy S7 edge +. This year, there will be a Galaxy S7 edge +, since the General Galaxy S7 is smoked up in size. On the other hand, get the coming Galaxy Note 7 the double curved AMOLED screen for the first time, while also back will be curved.

Immediately, a curved screen in interaction with a stylus is not be the best combination. Samsung’s curved screen looks, however, seem to have been an important selling point and big hit, that small genes that might be in the outermost regions, are not considered large enough.

A month ago, proliferated there rumors that Samsung was in the process of testing the next Galaxy Note-phablet both with and without a curved screen, but now sees the South Korean producer therefore appear to have set itself for only launching one variant as a sort of crossing between last year’s Galaxy 5 Galaxy and S6 edge +.