Samsung and The Contra-Evolucion of a Successful Philosophy

Friends of Samsung, you do not recognise. I don’t know if it is an instant feeling or a thought that has been maturing, something that I’ve been pondering since at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona past Koreans taught a strange Samsung Galaxy S5, both in its conception as it is its mode of presentation, out of the stand and with enough secrecy.

It seems that JK Shin boys has entered a kind of mass hysteria, a frenzy to regain lost ground after dubious financial results in recent quarters, not negative but in clear slowdown.

Something is being done well in Samsung, although obviously not us nobody to judge the strategies of the Korean giant, even less when We have been the first infected by the immense rain of leaks come from the tables of Samsung design, patent offices and from different sources that have been receiving strokes of the future movements of Samsung.

That’s how we found out that Samsung executives confirmed two pointers devices before the end of the year, when only expected a Galaxy Note 4 which, in theory, should become the most important terminal of 2014 for the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

However, it seems that Samsung has become a predictable dinosaur, In addition to its own media machine and its eagerness to victim by playing each hole market forgetting many times that houses do not begin on the roof.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the history of an obsession

Not just interesting we can get the colors to a Samsung Galaxy Alpha that has come through the back door, surrounded by a biblical magnitude media bombardment, that most of us have infected and who has not otherwise turn against all.

With the already disgruntled users, no surprise and little new that teach us after such filtration, Samsung had to present it officially so widespread, through press material posted on the Internet and without all the pomp and circumstance as expected to a much-anticipated terminal, which might be much but stayed between Pinto and Valdemoro.

Yes, finally we have among us to Samsung archiesperadisimo with metal construction, but the Koreans have erred in many things with your new device premium, more to resemble his eternal obsession by to launch that device users had spent years asking for.

And yes, eternal obsession is the Apple iPhone, and that Samsung was preparing something to address it directly was something that had been left to see in several advertising campaigns, although the media bombardment has advanced the presentation of the Galaxy Alpha.

Friends of Samsung, users calling a terminal with finishes in accordance with its price, not one that lost by the way the memory upgrade, or that remain with a ridiculous battery to minimize the thickness, or which come down its resolution to alleviate the loss of autonomy of a battery, emphasize, ridiculous.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is not what we expected, is not a high-end terminal, and is not in any case what the S5 Galaxy must have been in his day. It’s just one more, that will be expensive and terminal that is in harmony with the definition which makes your iPhone, looking more like Apple a tantrum of Samsung to directly attack the iPhone market to a terminal “pointer”.

The Galaxy family and the Android flag

Here is where we have to say what we expect from Samsung, and the Korean giant is expected only the best. Perhaps for this reason the S5 Galaxy it is not what must have been, because it is not for nothing the standard-bearer for the Android 2014 catalog, without highlighting especially nothing and competition that has eaten him completely toast.

To date, the large family Galaxy was counted as a success story and we are not going to scare anybody if we try to Samsung as such, as with lots of variety, terminals for all tastes and a high-end recognizable – the Galaxy S on duty posed by the roof of the market-, the Koreans have become what they are , the largest maker of smartphones worldwide.

This year they have formed with one minor evolution, that has not brought the best of the hardware platform for the first time for a Galaxy S, and that has gone to the hills of Ubeda with a heart rate monitor when less rare in a smartphone, rather than the 3 GB of memory RAM / QHD display that others have assembled.

Nor do we wish to say that the S5 Galaxy is a bad terminal, but it is not expected, and the LG G3 has become the best terminal of the Android platform This year on its own merits. See Samsung? The metal was not so necessary!

Luckily, there is still one further letter

Therefore, it has not been much vaunted this year because Samsung considers it a range of specific customers more professional-oriented terminals, but the truth is that Galaxy Note range is the greatest success of Koreans in recent years.

Size is not a problem and already has the blessing of the users, and attached to a hardware in tune with the best of the market, its versatility and functionality made him already last year the smartphone – or phablet – largest catalog of Samsung.

The gap is minimum among a large-format terminal and a high-end smartphone, so the Galaxy Note can be considered the most advanced terminal of Samsung for each year, so we hope that Galaxy Note 4 suppose if a step forward.

Thus, we do not expect holographic screens or the repera, but a terminal according to its price of more than 700 euros, to keep from Samsung bet on more high-powered hardware that is available, accompanied by a design and construction in harmony, value added software and with a S-Pen that only Samsung can provide.

And to have all that friends from Samsung, metal do not need if you give me a compact, well built, with good touch and frames used, resistant to liquids terminal and that at least get an autonomy of 2 days of continuous use. Should there be developments which we hope.

Are we asking too much?