Samsung Galaxy 5: Still No Confirmation for 4 GB of RAM

We always talked about 5 Notes by associating the technical features 4 GB of RAM and several Periscope we gave this information as some saying it would be the first Samsung 5 Notes with 4 GB of RAM. Now comes a further confirmation by the guys at sammobile, many neighbors to the Korean giant.

The new Galaxy 5 will feature 4 GB of LP-DDR4 RAM and processor Exynos 7422, the first single-chip SoC (EPOP) combining in a single 64-bit CPU chip octa-core, GPU, RAM, storage, and LTE modem Shannon 33.

Added to this is a QHD display 5.67 inches Super AMOLED, battery around 3500mAh and obviously it’s Pen. Cosmetically we have already seen how the lines are those of an S6 Plus reverse, so with glass back and rounded corners but flat front display. The colors should be black, gold, silver and white.

As you may have noticed these days, on HDblog did not appear on the news that sees a debut of Note 5 to August because, according to our information, notes 5 will debut in September. In August we will see another product (render in photo vs 5 Notes).

Samsung Galaxy 5 is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 565 euros or from ePRICE in 849 euro. The price is decent and there are 6 better models.