Samsung Galaxy ACE 2: Test Cheap Smartphone Favorite

Update: new Android

Final was supposed to be for the Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 Android 2.3.6 now the Smartphone receives yet another update on jelly bean (4.1.2). Users in Portugal have the software since the end of March. For Germany, it is expected in the next few weeks. But, the optimum interplay between software and processor is just as important as a current Android. And it works at the ACE 2 with the old version of Android very well I hope it is with jelly bean the case.


Tasks with normal apps the speed differences to the top models are barely noticeable. Complex apps such as Google Earth and more elaborate games to run, however, only 512 megabytes of memory and a dual-core processor with 800 megahertz frequency range jerky here not out.

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Bright display

A neat pixel density of 240 dpi (pixels per inch) reached the 3.8-inch touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels. He is very bright, has to struggle but with reflections in bright surroundings. While the case is easily scratched, the display is very resilient.

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Regardless of the no longer fresh operating system the Galaxy ACE 2 offers an intuitive, quick and easy operation. Another plus is the fast Internet connection via mobile (HSPA +): true coverage, really turns on the small Galaxy, and creates data rates of well over 14 megabits per second.

Camera and memory

The five-megapixel camera photo quality is average long shutter lag by 1.7 seconds and the storage time of two seconds are annoying. In contrast to its predecessor, the ACE 2 offers a front-facing camera for video calling. There videos with a resolution up to 720 p. The internal memory is scarce with two gigabytes, thanks to memory card slot you upgrade to up to 32 gigabytes on.

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The main new equipment organization talent

E-Mail- and calendar functions, as well as the easy access to a computer are top. With the download software Samsung synchronize gravel contacts and calendars easily via USB cable between Smartphone and PC. With gravel the Galaxy if lost or stolen, you can after entering a password on a website places and remote wipe via SMS command.

Good sound, much endurance

The good sound on the phone both conversation partners enjoy deserves praise. Permanently, because the ACE 2 is in terms of battery life an ACE: in typical use of 14 hours battery lasts with through while listening to music he creates even 30 hours. off display

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Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy ACE 2

The Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 scores with an enduring battery , simple PC connectivity via cable as well as a simple and fluid operation. For compute-intensive tasks meets the ACE 2 at its borders.

Test conclusion: what you should know

Galaxy ACE 2 is 4 not on the current state of the art without Android, but it is intuitive, fast, and easy to operate. Another plus is the fast Internet connection via mobile (HSPA +). Also E-Mail and calendar functions and easily connect to a PC are good. The good sound on the phone both conversation partners enjoy deserves praise. Permanently, because the ACE 2 is in terms of battery life an ACE. (According to the test procedure until October 2014 the 2.35 mark was) Best price on the Internet: 114.90 euro * per order this product at Amazon long battery life very bright display against mediocre photo quality test note of the editorial 2.85 satisfying user rating now write a

(the note was the current test procedure adapted. Old test Note: 1.97.)

Alternative: Sony Xperia P

The sound processed Sony Xperia P offers a particularly bright display that is readable outdoors. Also tempo, operation and the good sound of the phone vote.