Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, Detailed Information about The Two New Giants of Samsung

Some may argue it, but we will not be very wrong if we say that range Galaxy Note – of which you can review your history – today is the catalog of Samsung star.

What we do have clear is that we we have the most important terminal of 2014 for the Korean giant, and perhaps that is why Samsung has wanted this year innovate with it and bring us two very interesting flavors: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Galaxy Edge.

Yes friends, Note Edge is a reality with their flexible screen, and it is that Samsung did not lie when it registered the mark a few weeks ago. In addition, it makes it through the front door, keeping specifications of the most classical version of Note 4 to not clash in the top of the throne Android.

Those who are still skeptical with the phablet range, Samsung has just give a good coup showing of what is capable if they are asked to innovate, so here we have the stars of the Android catalog in this year 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, first useful approach to flexible screens

We know that it is that most are interested, so we will start by it, as Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the first twist to the actual usefulness of a flexible display curved on a terminal which, obviously, will not be flexible.

Galaxy Note Edge is a clear demonstration of the capabilities of a giant like Samsung, which was not very pleased with its latest financial results and wanted to return through the front door at the forefront of innovation.

Entering matter, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the prodigal son who had the Galaxy Note 4 and the prototype YOUM, riding a screen of 5.6 inches which is curved on the right side the phone so that the framework of that side is not frame, but part of the own screen.

Galaxy Note Edge is a demonstration of strength of Samsung, which had lost the train of the avant-garde with their latest releases.

Samsung has used the latest technology born of its investigations in panels OLED flexible, something that seemed very distant, but that will be available this fall on the shelves of major consumer electronics stores.

This panel OLED flexible will leave you ice cream if you say that Samsung has even managed upload the QHD resolution the QHD + with 2560 x 1600 pixels. The 160 that you are plenty of 1. 440p will be in the side to encourage the curved part in the right frame.

Both parts of the screen are completely independent, and you can be kept off the front as shown to the side, and vice versa. In addition, can also be used as a complement to the other, showing details on the side of what is seen in the front. Samsung aims to not take advantage of this feature only with its proprietary software, but also with what third can be with their applications to make it more useful.

In all other respects, Note Edge is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in all its glory, with its design that embraces the metal frames and your hardware, although losing 0.1 inch display and 220 mAh, somewhere in there to put the new technology of flexible panel.

We will have to wait to see if the asymmetry of the device and its screen to the right frame find your website on the market and grant users the advantages in interactivity that are supposed him using the thumb to catch the terminal with the right hand. We will also see how fits between left-handers often use your smartphone with your left hand.

It remains to be seen whether users are you the sense of the curved screen, and if the utility that is assumed is not a drawback to use the device with both hands equally.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s flagship

Apparently seen, and although it is very likely that we are facing the currently most advanced Android smartphone, as we define it as a ‘classic’ or ‘conventional’ version of the Galaxy Note 4.

Their numbers are overwhelming, but we need to stop at its design, because Koreans have listened to the respectable to equip its terminal star of a construction with a touch more premium, keeping the rear of polycarbonate with touch of faux fur, but adopting a metallic frame – made in aluminium – enhancing the feelings of the whole.

Note 4-Galaxy will not be resistant to liquids, and maintains the diagonal of the screen of its predecessor, with a AMOLED Panel 5.7 inches that if ups the ante to QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). Samsung did not want any of the lines of the datasheet is below rivals.

As a design detail, Koreans tell us that your glass is not completely flat, but that they have used a technology that they call 2.5 d so that the Note 4 has a slightly curved surface.

The most advanced hardware platform in the market

As usual in Samsung devices, there will be two versions differentiated by its chipset: the market in South Korea shall be a Samsung Exynos 5433 with eight-core processor architecture big. LITTLE (4 x 1.9GHz + 4 x 1.3 GHz), while that for international markets will mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 version beast, quad-core 2.7 GHz.

The RAM is 3 GB, and the internal storage you can choose between the 32 and 64 GB, both expandable through microSD cards.

Cameras will be 16 Megapixel with LED flash, the main and 3.7 megapixel front, which will feature opening f/1.9 and a panoramic selfies made from three catch mode.

We complete the specifications with a 3,220 mAh battery for classic model – 3000 mAh at the Edge-, that you can load quickly thanks to the Quick Mode of Qualcomm. It is likely to autonomy is penalized with respect to Note 3, it is practically the same capacity having to move higher resolution and a more powerful chipset.

Connectivity, sensors, and software

In terms of connectivity and sensors, because we have to confirm that he repeats with all in cast of sensors that we have already seen in the S5 Galaxy, adding also a UV sensor that you can measure up to five levels of radiation if we aim with the terminal towards the Sun. One further step to add value to S Health, which can count again with the classic heart rate monitor in Samsung.

Nor is missing the fingerprint reader to quote, full connectivity to LTE Cat.4 or WiFi 802. 11ac, Bluetooth 4.1, the NFC, or aGPS support for GLONASS.

In terms of software, Samsung will launch its new giant with 4.4 Android KitKat -We understand that they update officially to Android when it is released-, but masked with the latest version of your TouchWiz UI also premiered in the S5 Galaxy.

As usual, there will be specific software installed to take advantage of the new Pen S, Now you will be able to recognize up to twice the levels of pressure than the previous model of S Pen used in Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Galaxy Edge, availability and prices

The most important is precisely that which we can not give you, as Samsung has not revealed details about the price that will have on the market its two new Galaxy Note.

Nor do we know specifically the date that will be available, although the Koreans confirm both devices next fall, starting with the Note 4 in classic version which should arrive throughout the month of October in four colors: black, white, Golden and pink.

We could speculate a price around 729 euros for the conventional model, price is extrapolated that had the Note 3 in its release last year. Note Edge will probably be more expensive still.

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