Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Price, Features, Release, Rumors

Samsung is probably in the second half of the year 2017 the Phablet grade 8 model number: SM N950. Iris scanner with AI language assistant Bixby, improved and 4K-Display for VR applications.

The time of the rumors is over: Samsung has now officially confirmed that it despite the Galaxy-note series of continue through faulty battery caused note-7 debacle and note 7 on the market will bring a successor for that. The brand name “Galaxy note” should be doing as so far has been for Phablets or for very large smartphones.

D.J. Koh, President of mobile communications business at Samsung electronics, according to CNET literally said : “I’m a better, safe and very innovative note 8 bring back”. The note Koh according to still have a large fan community.

The Galaxy touch 8 should according to yet unconfirmed rumors have a 4K-Bildschirm and have the Bixby-KI said Wizard. Thus it would be in this feature equivalent to the grade 8 Galaxy S8. The language assistant Bixby will work with all apps installed on the note 8. It wants to know the IT news site Sammobile by a source from South Korea have.The 4K-Bildschirm is interesting mainly in conjunction with VR applications. Supposedly , the grade 8 should be compatible with upcoming gear VR wearables.

Improved iris scanner

Samsung aims to improve the iris recognition at the rated 8.

Reasons for the exploding of the predecessor

Samsung has his investigation to the touch 7 have completed and the reasons for the exploding and burning batteries in the grade 7 called.

SM N950 as model number

The mobile expert known for his true leaks even pale, the model number for a new Samsung mobile device has spread via Twitter : SM N950. Because the eyebrows go for connoisseurs of the Smartphone scene immediately upstairs.

Samsung Galaxy S8 models are indeed skipping SM G94 * model numbers, will ship as SM-G950 & SM G955. Know what else is in the works? SM N950.

-Evan Blass 9 November 2016 (@evleaks)

SM N930, SM N940, SM N950

The Galaxy had to take note 7, the Samsung recently moved forward on battery – the market for bears the model number SM N930 (“N” stands for touch, a “G” in the model number would mean a Galaxy S8 mind ‘). Samsung obviously takes into consideration as a South Korean company to the fear of many Asians before the unlucky number “4” and skips the “940” as the model number, the model number SM N950 would are of note 7 for the successor. Thus for the “grade 8”.

Note 8 as the next model

For a while appeared as rather unlikely that it actually brings the Samsung of this SM N950 as “Grade 8” in the sale. The sales designation for that note would change Samsung arguably, as already speculated a few weeks ago. Because the name “Note” should be burned for a long time in the truest sense of the word.

But with his recent statement, Koh has refuted those rumors and expressly uses the model designation “Grade 8”.

Any release date

Is expected in the second half of the year 2017 will appear the new “grade 8”, if you note 7 is based on Samsung’s approach to the Galaxy. Maybe not yet in August, as was the case with the note 7, but a little while. To maintain a certain interval to which probably in the featured April Galaxy S8.

New to the Samsung Galaxy S8

Even pale has in this context also that the model number for the Samsung Galaxy S8 via Twitter spread: SM-G950 (Galaxy S8 with 5.7 inch) and SM G955 (S8 with 6.2-inch screen). More about this read our comprehensive rumors ticker to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Exchange action in South Korea

Already in October 2016, the round was that Samsung’s spectacularly failed the grade 7 Phablet series 2017 Gets a new model. The reported Reuters. Samsung will offer a special upgrade program customers who rated 7 bought a Galaxy and have to exchange it, so in South Korea. Who be traded note 7 against a Galaxy S7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge , can redeem note 8 this new smartphone in 2017 again against a S8 of the Galaxy or a Galaxy.

The customer must pay then only half of the price actually due for the S7/S7 edge as well as for the S8 or grade 8. That’s just under the Galaxy upgrade programme for Galaxy-Club customers. There is this so-called Galaxy Club, under which Samsung of this upgrade offers, currently only available in South Korea. A payment model, in which a South Korean customer acquires a Samsung Smartphone and stutters out in 24 monthly installments is actually behind the Galaxy Club. This rate will shorten Samsung now to 12 months (of course without the monthly burden to increase).

Previously, South Korean media still had speculated that Samsung could turn away from its previous policy of model with two top Android smartphones per year. No longer a new Galaxy S in the first half of the year – 2017 that would concretely imagine the Galaxy S8 – and the Bill in the second half of the year (2017 that would note 8 to the series according to the previous census). But only the S8 might bring on the market. So that the developers can concentrate on this a car and disaster such as last of the grade 7 never happen with the battery. However, this assumption is considered outdated.