Samsung Galaxy S2: Test of the Smartphone Time Burner

Display: Super-AMOLED-plus
The Samsung Galaxy S2 features a 4.3 inch sAMOLED plus display with 800 x 480 pixels. The resolution has not changed, but by a new arrangement of the sub pixels, the image has become a quiet and flat, fonts appear sharper. The laboratory values attest strong, brilliant colors and high contrast. Black is really black only white looks a bit bluish. The screen is dark but (311 candela per square meter) than with the iPhone 4 (537 cd/qm).

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Samsung Galaxy S2: design and features

the iPhone rival in detail

performance and features

As came to startup sale 2.3.3 used Android operating system. Android 4.0 is currently available for various smaller updates. The dual-core processor with 1.2 GHz gives wings to the Galaxy S2. Differently than in the predecessor nothing jerky here even with many running apps. Also Internet sites appear afloat, especially as the UMTS speed, at least in the laboratory reached 14 megabits per second for mobile relationships this is record breaking. The Galaxy S2 is also the first mobile phone in the test, which takes up a Wi-Fi connection also in the 5-gigahertz – frequency range. For wireless communication, wireless-n, Bluetooth, GPS and HSPA + are on board.

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battery life: endurance half asleep

For intensive use the S2 with eight hours not particularly long. Otherwise it is but frugal: phone calls (11 hours), music playback (15 hours) and the phone standby (157 hours) runs the processor in half asleep.

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Video on the subject

The Samsung Galaxy S2 2011 was the best smartphone, the COMPUTER image up to date tested has. You will learn what the S2 boasts, in the video. Samsung Galaxy S2

Photos and videos

Now, the eight-megapixel camera has an LED flash. Convinced the photo quality even in low light conditions. However, effectively only 4.4 megapixels remained in the test. Thus, provided the camera while passable results, is hardly better than at the previous Galaxy s video recordings succeed smoothly and even for the first time in full 1080 p resolution. The S2 can play all HD video formats including the popular MKV files as the first phone in the test. Who buys a suitable MHL adapter for about 30 euros, can watch HD movies via HDMI even on the TV. There’s a two megapixel front-facing camera for video calling.

Samsung puts on hubs and gravel

The Galaxy S2 connects to devices such as flat-screen TVs that support the all-share standard. About Samsung Pebble download wireless music, videos and photos from your PC to your Smartphone or vice versa. Convenient for business travellers: dictate emails the Samsung Galaxy S2 for example during a car ride In the driving mode and send them via voice command. Samsung has further optimized its own UI TouchWiz in version 4.0. Four are new hubs (social, music, game, reader), from which you build your own home screen. The hubs are not a must, other Android apps offer similar features.


Speed comparison of benchmarks GL benchmark 2.1.4 Egypt standard, Geekbench 2.2.7, Vellamo 1.0.6 and quadrant Standard Edition 2.0 of the HTC one S, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Panasonic Eluga. One S one X Galaxy S2 Eluga GL Anurag. 6317 7117 5277 2352 Geekbench 703 719 737 870 integer 675 861 623 657 float. Point 257 400 1061 1242 memory 1724 1267 547 891 stream 324 247 385 273 Vellamo 2388 1653 961 701 quadrant 4756 4179 3519 1956 a quad-core chip as the one X not necessarily dominating the field. It’s up to the benchmark and the test discipline. The results may vary.

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Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S, the S2 is thinner (8.49 instead of 9.9 mm) and weighs only 116 instead of 119 grams despite growing 4.3 inch display. The display has been improved and the unit now has a Flash. Still clocked a gigahertz Hummingbird processor, put S in the Galaxy, the S2 thanks to dual-core receives a significant speed boost. The charging of the battery is growing by 1,500 to 1,650 milliamp hours. In design, shows conservative of Samsung and remains with the plastic bag. The S2 offers a structured back but more stop.

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Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S 2

With breakneck speed, contrasting screen, good sound and ease of use, the Samsung Galaxy S2 when tested captured 1st place the leaderboard in 2011. The large display is ideal for photos, it is slightly too dark video and Internet surfing, only in the blazing sun. Amazing: Because of its sleek design mobile phones despite the screen 4.3 inch grown acts the sensors of the device barely bigger than the Galaxy s uses Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 interface resourceful for rotary and tilting movements to perform functions such as leaves or increase. The equipment leaves no wishes open.

Review conclusion: what you should know

Thanks to dual-core processor ran very quickly the Samsung Galaxy S2. In the test convinced amongst the high-contrast sAMOLED plus-display that significantly increased when compared to its predecessor. Because of its sleek design the phone despite growing 4.3 inch screen is barely bigger than the Galaxy s uses Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 interface “the sensors of the device resourceful for rotary and tilting motions, to perform functions such as leaves or increase. The equipment leaves nothing to be desired. (The note was adapted the current test method. Old test Note: 2.02). Best price on the Internet: 139,90 EUR * per order this product at Amazon high-contrast display very fast UMTS plays many HD formats from 1080 p video recording optimized UI 16 GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi 5 GHz good photo feature DLNA and HDMI (via adapter) counter is housing sensitive to scratches specular display HDMI adapter not included in delivery test note of the editorial 2.57 satisfying users rating (of 20 reviews)

Alternative: Samsung Galaxy

The predecessor has been optimized in many areas although , nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy is a top Smartphone, where you need to go little compromises S. The only real advantage over the S2 but is the price. Who would like even bigger, look at note the 5.3-inch giant Galaxy.