Samsung Galaxy S4: Correctly Save with Fare from the Discount Store

That Deutsche Telekom offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 together with the tariff special complete mobile XL’s. For the hardware and the contract you would pay 1,933 euro over the fixed term of two years. It calculated the independent consumer portal Verivox. Who strikes at Vodafone and the device together with the flat rate of the AllNet red M Bay, still 1.522 euros. O2 and base (E-Plus), it is only marginally cheaper with 1,315 or 1,369 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S4 starting from 622 euro

PICTURE advise Verivox and COMPUTER separately to order you therefore, Galaxy S4 and tariff. According to Preissuchmaschine get the Smartphone in many online shops 622 euros. At Amazon, it is to have for 649 euros.

Same performance, less cost
The right all-in one fare inclusive volume for mobile Internet you will receive for calls to all networks, unlimited sending of SMS and 500 megabytes preferred at the numerous mobile discount stores. Congstar about also uses the extensive telecoms network, requires flat only 28,74 EUR but for the tariff of AllNet M monthly. So pay a saving of just under 600 euro only 1,339 euro over a period of two years for cell phone (from Amazon) and contract.

In the text line (see below) has COMPUTER compared image the offerings of the four network operators Telecom, Vodafone, O2 and base, what you would pay when buying separate Galaxy S4 and contract. Especially interested parties who want to use the telecom network, can save huge.

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S4 in the bundle or with a separate discount rate

In the Telekom-NetzAngebot Telekom:
tariff: special complete mobile XL
total price over two years: 1.932,70 euro

alternative: Amazon + Neutrogena
Smartphone: 649 euro
rate: AllNet flat M
total price over two years: 1.338,76 euro

savings: 593,94 euro

Samsung Galaxy S4 at Amazon
congstar range
In the Vodafone NetzAngebot by Vodafone
tariff: red M
total price over two years: 1.521,65 euro

alternative : Amazon + globe
Smartphone: 649 euro
tariff: AllNet flat M
total price over two years: 1.339,72 euro

savings: 181,93 euro

Samsung Galaxy S4 at Amazon
concerning the range of globe
In the O2 NetzAngebot O2
rate: Blue all in M
total price over two years: 1.314,75 Euro

alternative: Amazon + mobilcom debitel
Smartphone: 649 euro
tariff: real AllNet
total price over two years: 1.246,60 Euro

savings : 68,15 euro

Samsung Galaxy S4 at Amazon
to sale of mobilcom debitel
In the E-plus NetzAngebot base
tariff: all-in
total price over two years: 1,369 euros

Alternative: Amazon + simyo
Smartphone: 649 euro
tariff: all-net flat
total price over two years: 1.126,60 Euro

savings: 242,40 EUR

Samsung Galaxy S4 at Amazon
to sale of simyo