Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Test

The Galaxy S6 shows the full camera resolution not in the classic 4:3, but in modern screen format 16:9. To get a fast aperture and a faster auto-focus.

Samsung is on the sensor meet even more light on the camera of the S6 as Huawei the P8, the f-stop number F1. 9’s lone record in the Smartphone sector. Another special feature is the camera sensor itself: while most sensors is still in the classic 4:3-format are built, matches the aspect ratio in the S6 widescreen 16:9, which in addition to smartphones, many televisions and tablets use. It has great impact on the photos: one creates the full resolution 16 Megapixel resolution with the Galaxy S6 in the 16:9-format. If so shooting with the Huawei P8, then the maximum resolution is reduced 13 megapixels to 10 megapixels, because the surface of the 4:3-sensor in the upper and lower range must be circumcised.

High speed

The camera can be out quickly turn from any situation, by pressing the home button two times in a row. While the pace is not impressive, only because the camera even when the display is ready to go after a few milliseconds, but also because the auto focus reacts quickly and a shutter lag practically does not exist.

The quality of the photos is the speed in nothing. The image sharpness is top, the colors are crisp and keep Verwackler and noise in limits to what is expected on the optical image stabilizer not least even in low light conditions. It succeeds the automatic similar to good as in the iPhone 6 attractively to capture the images in most lighting conditions.


The equipment moves at a level that the competition does not quite match up. The video camera records not only in sharp UHD resolution, but dominates the iPhone both time-lapse and slow-motion. The front-facing camera (also with Aperture f1. 9) delivers excellent images that surpass even the HTC One M9. All functions and settings are easily accessible through an intuitive user interface. Here, everything is just right.