Samsung Galaxy S7 12 MP

It seems that Samsung has trademarked BRITECELL, linked to an “image sensor for mobile”, a signal that allows us to definitely strengthen the hypothesis concerning a new approach than the current ISOCELL. The term “brite” is a variant of the more used “bright” and shows us some particular detail about the brightness already discussed above. The BRITECELL sensor should come very soon in production, although for the moment it is unknown to its resolution. In light of this, the rumor concerning the form to be 12 Megapixels begins to become less and less likely.

The camera of Galaxy S7 back protagonist of rumor regarding the next top range of Samsung home. As we saw yesterday, the South Korean manufacturer seems intent on wooing Sony to get the Exmor RS IMX300 for its future top models, including S7, although this does not seem to be the only option under consideration at the moment.

According to a new source, however, Samsung is reportedly also considering a different approach than usual to complete photographic sector of Galaxy S7, stepping back as far as the resolution of the main cam. Remember that Galaxy S6 uses a great 16 MegaPixel sensor, while his successor might move to a new 12 MegaPixel sensor but larger, namely from 1/2 “.This move could push Galaxy S7 outside the now useless race for Megapixels and greatly improve the already good performance in low light, thanks to what is called Dual-PD(Photodiode), accompanied by larger photosites and thus able to capture a greater amount of light.

The diagonal of the sensor should switch to 8.00 mm, against 6.85 mm Galaxy sensor S6 and mass production should start in a few days, so as to be available at launch of Galaxy S7. Two completely different approaches that seem to be mutually exclusive. On one side we find a resolution plus, easily marketable element through traditional marketing campaigns, on the other a reduction that might turn up their noses at the general public, although the quality may be even better.