Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Heading in a Batman-Variant

Samsung launches Galaxy S7 edge top model soon in a special Batman-variant-exactly as the manufacturer last year did with Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition.

One of Samsung’s super popular top models, Galaxy S7 edge, coming soon in a new variant, and this time there is not “only” talk about a new color just as the new silver variant, there came a week ago.

No, this year trying Samsung out again with something quite different-as a Batman-adorned Galaxy S7 edge as advertising pillar for the game Injustice: Gods Among Us, who are three years old. Although it would be saved, see the Batman theme, therefore, does not appear to have any connection to the relatively new movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Nevertheless, there is still talk about a somewhat special edition, as a great Batman-logo breaks the back, rated from below teaser, as Samsung has shared on Twitter. Just as watching Batman-the phone appear to have the same black colour as the General Galaxy S7 edge in black.
In a second tweet Announces Samsung as the only thing that the new variant will soon come, and therefore it is unknown how many copies that will be produced. Last year made Samsung a very exclusive Iron Man Edition of Galaxy S6 edge, which was only produced in 1,000 copies-all with each its unique serial number.

So there is nothing else than to wait and see if the same will be the case this year, or about Loverists wants to take advantage of the high demand, a special variant as this Batman Edition probably will get.

There was a lot of money to be had in last year’s Iron Man Edition. In an auction on our site was a copy sold for the entire $ 35,600 (238,000 crowns), and therefore, it may not be a completely stupid idea to produce a larger quantity this time. In this case, the value will of course slow down, as it will be easier to get hold of.