Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Pink Can Now Be Purchased in Denmark

Samsung’s new variant of the Galaxy S7 edge in pink is officially come in trade in Denmark. The first dealers already sell now the new color.

Since Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge waslaunched three months ago, the two top models were only published in the somewhat neutral colors black, white and gold.

Since Samsung has found a bit of its old I forward and added some slightly more flamboyant flavors. Samsung revealed that only a pink version of Galaxy S7 edge was on the way, and then a very shiny silver version of the same curvy phone came in the deal in Denmark at the phone company 3. Last but not least, Samsung also unveiled an exclusive Batman Edition, just as last year’s Iron Man Edition sold in a very limited quantity.

In a month and a half, there has not been any further info on the pink version, but now joins Samsung, however, out around Europe, including on the Danish Facebook page -that it is now for sale in the Danish stores and dealers.

Here you can buy Samsung Galaxy S7 in pink gold

Among the retailers that already now leads Samsung Galaxy S7 in the color Pink Gold, as it is officially called, is Call Me, Telia and Telmore. The price is completely the same as if you choose one of the other three colors, black, white or gold. Therefore, if you have yearned for a color that matches Apple’s rose gold, is it just to look up to now.

Now that Samsung Galaxy S7 can be obtained in the five colors black, white, gold, Silver (via phone company 3) and pink gold, it’s just the exclusive Batman-variant, is missing. Last year’s Iron Man Edition was, however, not to get hold on here, and the demand is probably sky-high, so you should not put the nose after getting his fingers in.

Despite it is the range of colors to Samsung’s top of the line gradually by being quite large, where there should be something for everyone. You can sågår get the coated in 24-carat gold for the tidy sum of 11,500 dollars.