Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 LTE Test

Sensational endurance, Microsoft apps and a format that will be familiar to iPad users: The Samsung Galaxy tab A 9.7 LTE test much really and costs while not much.

The question not only the user to the correct tablet format, also manufacturers try out something new. Samsung showed up here already experiment and touch Pro on unusual 12 inch ventured out with the Galaxy. For some, the part is an exotic, while others hope that Apple will follow with an iPad of this size.

In Cupertino, but it never got beyond has 9.7 inch. Why write a success story, and in the fifth generation, with this format. At 9.7 inches which Samsung has not tried yet – the Galaxy tab A 9.7 changes that LTE.

The new Samsung is pleasingly cheap

What about Samsung fans should rejoice: as the Smartphones A3, A5 and A7, which complement the Galaxy series this year, Samsung at the Tablet Galaxy tab uses A 9.7 on a useful facilities at moderate price: the test device with LTE is there for relatively narrow 349 euros. Who do without also on telephony and mobile data, is even with 299 euros.

Visually the young Tablet has in particular not the discreetly classy appearance but with the a-grade phones little in common. Here, the plastic back that looks like Black Aluminum is kept simple. The well-known fixation points the Galaxy tab A 9.7 in an appropriate book cover can be dress, which protects the Tablet and in use in the State.

Like Samsung, the Galaxy tab A 9.7 is perfectly processed and are not peep out of themselves when trying to get over it. The quality of the Koreans, not saved so despite the favourable price.

No NFC and MHL

The equipment is the price range according to: System chip clocked at 1.2 gigahertz Snapdragon 410 are 2 gigabytes of memory to the page.

The memory fails with 16 GB as big as at other tablets of the Koreans, net 11 GB remain one. Micro-SD can add up to 128 GB. The camera Samsung waives on a LED continues to infrared and NFC. Without MHL-port, which usually replaces the separate HDMI output at Samsung, but is missing an interface which is almost standard on the Galaxy models. You must also forgo the voice control SVoice.

For this, users will benefit from the many advantages of the Touchwiz interface, which demonstrated multitasking with parallel represented apps or with popups, floating across the screen. And the tab A corresponds with other devices in the home network; for the acquisition of data from the old Tablet SmartSwitch mobile software is installed. In the app – basket are also third-party apps like Zalando or there that can uninstall if not satisfied. This does not apply to six apps from Microsoft, can only turn off, similar to the Google apps, but do not throw down. The reason for the deep integration lies in an agreement between Samsung and Microsoft.

The complete installation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, OneDrive Skype takes place only with the first start, until then the apps consume little space. The PowerPoint installation reduced the available memory on the test device to 350 MB, 250 MB for Excel. The Microsoft apps are largely usable without restrictions; Functions that only unlock themselves in connection with a subscription Office – 360, concern mainly Word (insert such page breaks) and PowerPoint (save for example ink annotations in slide shows).

Hancom suite free

If you do not want to use the Microsoft apps or himself has befriended other Samsung tablets with the Hancom Office suite, still finds this free download Galaxy app store.