Samsung Galaxy Tablet Charger

At the end of October, Samsung has officially announced its new Galaxy View, a tablet with a18.4 inch display from ben, a true “multimedia entertainment center” that can be placed in different contexts both consumer and business.

Samsung Galaxy View

The media are central to the experience of using this device based on Android OS version 5.1 Lollipop customised by Samsung with a user interface similar to the one we have seen on other devices the range Galaxy.

Notable dimensions which are of 451.8 x 11.9 mm and a weight of 275.8 x 2.65 kg. For ease of transport is a carrier with handle. On the right side there are the audio jack, a micro USB port and a connector for charging that must take place through a special charger supplied. The battery cannot be recharged via the USB. On the top we find the power button and volume control buttons. At the rear, instead, there is a door that protects the microSD slot and, with LTE support, the slot for the SIM card.

In addition to the traditional option of multitasking that let you put in floating Windows one or more applications or to put side by side two, one beside the other, on the Galaxy View are also a kind of hub that provides fast access to popular multimedia entertainment services. This interface is invoked through a dedicated mail icon in the bottom right corner.

In addition to this multimedia hub through another icon located on the opposite side we can access Family Square an application by Samsung that allows the Galaxy View to turn into a real multimedia family album to display content that may also be sent by other devices to friends or relatives on which must be previously installed the appropriate application.

The Galaxy plus can be used in two positions thanks to its holder on the back. If necessary the support can also be detached but remains present a survey in which are integrated stereo speakers that provide good sound quality.

Support, as well as allowing you to keep the Galaxy View in a most convenient position to enjoy multimedia content, also offers another slant more useful, for example, if we have to use the device to enter text. Text input facilitated by software keyboard that offers large and well spaced keys and a numeric keypad. Even the keyboard, if necessary can be reduced and positioned freely on the display. Not missing, of course, the ability to connect a Bluetooth keyboard.

The 18.4-inch display has a Full HD resolution 1080 to 1920 pixels. Obviously this resolution on a panel so big you can see pixels when we are at close range. Overall, however, the visibility is good, even in bright sunlight, and the viewing angle is wide enough. Good touch sensitivity.

In terms of hardware, the Galaxy View integrates a processor Exynos 7580, an octa-core 1.6 GHz with Mali GPU T720, 2 GB of RAM, 32/64 gigs of onboard memory expandable, dual stereo speakers (4Wx2), BLE 4.1 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, optional and LTE networks support ac 2.1 megapixel front camera. As sensors and exists only to brightness. The integrated batteryfrom 5700mAh offers up to 8 hours of video views.

Good, overall system speed. “Spin” on this Android Galaxy View with a good flow. No problem even with regard to navigation on the internet that we can carry out both by custom browser via Chrome pre-installed as standard along with all the Googleapplications. There are also several Microsoft applications.

In addition to good use of multimedia contents, the Galaxy View is definitely suitable for gaming. Real Racing 3, our reference game runs without any problems even if it does not show maximum detail graphics. For correct use, we recommend that you connect a Bluetooth controller because there are no accelerometer and gyroscope. The absence of the accelerometer also does not allow rotation of the display to which the Galaxy View should be used only in a horizontal position.

We’ve got to use this Galaxy View for a limited time, to which we shall return in the coming days and with some further elaboration. The first impact, however was positive. This is a product that can be considered “niche” but that can be easily plugged in different contexts. However, it also considered the sale price set at € 650 for the version with tablet PC charger with only the Wi-Fi connectivity and € 799 for the version with support for LTE, better suited if you intend to use this device on the move.