Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 in the Test

With the Samsung Galaxy XCover 3, the Koreans already release the third generation of outdoortauglichen phones on the mobile radio community. The test shows what this time managed the pioneer in the segment of robust smartphones.

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You can see the Galaxy Xcover 3 its determination test at first glance. The corner parts reinforced with sturdy plastic housing, the ribbed and therefore non-slip back as well as the Android buttons running as Hardkeys on the front speak a clear language.

Stable housing

The usage on the construction site, in the forest or on the downhill track with the mountain is as nothing in the way. It has succeeded yet Samsung, to miss his new Toughphone a 10 millimeter flat casing and a pleasing appearance. To fit, either, that the Smartphone despite IP67 and MIL-STD-810 G certification without smarter rubber covers on headphones and micro-USB socket comes out and still is protected against dust and water.

Rough indicator

Slightly grainy, the 4.8-inch TFT display presents itself, however, with their resolution of only 480 x 800 pixels, the most affordable (MSRP 249 euro) is due. The content also somewhat dull rendered on the screen. The beam power is with 423 cd/m2 but more than alright – even in bright sunlight the display can be read off.

The maximum brightness reached the Samsung but if the users in the brightness setting Unticking “Outdoors” respectively in outdoor mode – depending on whether you enabled notification box or in the settings menu. Here also the touch sensitivity can be increased so that they can plow the screen even with gloves.

Scarce facilities

See the rugged case is a Marvell processor PXA1908 who can come up with four cores and a maximum speed of 1.2 GHz and supports its work 1,5 GB memory is. Thus, although no trees can be pull out, but the common everyday functions that is sufficient for more than.

However, free available memory is somewhat tight with about 5 GB. He expanded thankfully just about a micro-SD memory card. When it comes to connectivity, there are hardly any gaps: so the Galaxy Xcover not bad has 3 LTE, HSPA +, Bluetooth and NFC on board – for the price. Only the b/g/n WLAN is not the current state of the art.


Operation is intuitive and easy. On the test device was still the Android version 4.4.4 to use and visually not more quite dewy look also the slightly older version of Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface, which does not detract from the functionality but.

On the left side of the device there are to discover then a Xcover button. She can be by the owner with two functions to demonstrate, that enabled recently or a long press of the button. This works but only when shared screen, as is the Smartphone otherwise might become independent in your pocket.

Weak stamina values

After the slightly gap-based facilities the Galaxy Xcover had to gain 3 points in the laboratory. But unfortunately this Bill was not entirely, because the Samsung presented itself as a power-hungry fellow who sucks the 2200 mAh battery quite quickly empty.

While the talk time with up to 17:35 hours in the GSM and 6:15 hours in UMTS mode just as neat go through, are weak the achieved 5:53 hours in practical operation. The results for the transmission and reception properties there was nothing, however, to criticize, they’re okay.

The same applies to the good clear acoustics. Only the volume of the hands-free operation is somewhat underpowered and should be significantly higher at a designated outdoor phone. In a workshop or in construction, the Samsung can acoustically certainly not well be prevail.


Like the predecessor models already also the Samsung Galaxy 3 Xcover is a soft outdoor Smartphone rather and for leisure and moderate working conditions rough intended. If you can live with the lack of stamina, gets a robust LTE Smartphone at an attractive price with the Galaxy Xcover 3.