Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neon Smartwatches

The usual thing is that Samsung introduced us to its star products in spectacular presentations, but this time has decided to share the announcement of their new smart watches more moderately.

We speak in the plural, since they are two models, as we advanced yesterday: Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo.

Logically we will meet at the Mobile World Congress next to the star phone of the Korean house and other products, but we can tell you how they are and what they look like. The main detail we have in the own name, since the Galaxy surname disappears. This means that there is no Android inside, but Tizen, as we had advanced yesterday.

Two Models That Change Android By Tizen

The creation of two models has to do with starting to create price steps, so that users can access the level that is more comfortable, yes, we pay for different specifications, but not as many as it might seem by the surname “Neo”, Already used in telephones.

The main difference between the two is the absence of camera in the Neo model, which is two megapixels in Gear 2 (autofocus, Full HD). As you can see in the previous image, the camera and microphone are placed above the screen.

Moving on to common specifications, we have identical 1.63-inch screens made withSuper AMOLED technology . The resolution is also the same, 320×320 pixels. To move the whole invention there is a dual core processor running at 1GHz (800MHz in current model), 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory.

Water resistance, heart rate monitor or interchangeable straps are some of your complaints.

Entering special details, for a device that we are going to carry in the wrist, we have a heart ratemonitor-the sensor is in the inner zone-, and other type of sensors that will help with the quantification as pedometer, accelerometer and gyroscope.

Many will like to know that it has IP67certification , or what is the same, resistant to dust and water. We also know that the built-in microphone has technology to reduce ambient noise.

As for connectivity, we have Bluetooth 4.0 LE and an infrared sensor that can come in handy to make remote control of other devices such as televisions.

A key section in this type of devices is the battery, which is 300mAh, and according to Samsung, promises two to three days of normal use, stretching to six if we give little battle. Curiously it is smaller than in the current model, 315mAh, that you can know better in our analysis .

The overall dimensions of the Gear 2 are 36.9×58.4x 0.0 millimeters, while the Gear 2 Neo is a bit larger in some dimensions, with 37.9×58.8×10.0 millimeters. If you are interested in knowing how big the current Galaxy Gear, there you have: 36.8×56.6 × 11.1 millimeters. As for weight, the Gear 2 goes to 68 grams, and the Neo stays at 55 grams. In both cases less than the 73.8 grams of Galaxy Gear.

For now I leave you with a couple of galleries of the smartwatch with camera Gear 2 and the smartwatch Gear 2 Neo, in high resolution, to differentiate them better:

Galaxy Gear 2 And Gear 2 Neo, Price And Availability

Both watches go on sale in April, in the main markets where Samsung works. There are still no price details, but we expect it to be lower than the first gear at the time.

We can not guarantee with the release of these watches that the Galaxy models will disappear, and although they will be compatible with many Galaxy phones in the house, we expect more information about it. The colors in which the Gear 2 will initially be available are black, brown and orange, while the Neo model can be purchased in black, gray and orange.

Let’s not forget the design, as we find an idea similar to the original Gear, but with a major innovation: the strap can be removed, with the possibility of placing other designs, even external to what Samsung proposes. Personalization and accessories on the watch itself.