Samsung Gear S3 Features and Specifications

With the Samsung gear S3, the Korean manufacturer has introduced a more Tizen Smartwatch with a more massive design. Now, a film ripe staged video illustrates how the housing of the wearables originated.

With the lines “a true watch” at the beginning of the clip, Samsung says something essential to the design of the gear S3: you should visually like a ‘real’ watch Act, not like a Smartwatch. The video puts the hand work at the Center: we accompany the Smartwatch by the first concept drawings to production. Details about the technology remain in first out – the clip is on the features of the smart chronograph until the end.

Watch or Smartwatch?

Up to this point, the goal of the video is clear: who are still not informed about the Samsung gear S3, could actually think he see a video about the production and emergence of a “traditional” clock. Only at the end of the (digital) dial gives way to various screens and it becomes clear that it’s a Smartwatch. This Samsung S3 gear not only deliberately staged like a mechanical chronograph, but would like to give all around a fine impression of the product instead of using the technique to score points – how even a “real” watch manufacturers would do it.

Nevertheless the installed hardware must not hide: the Smartwatch presented on the INTERNETSAILORS.COM to mAh come with a battery capacity of 380 and have a duration of three days, while many competitors just create one day. The Samsung gear S3 comes with built-in speakers and microphone therefore; inside, an Exynos 7270 works with 1.0 GHz dual core. Samsung’s in-house OS Tizen used, that could allow in the future with IOS also a pairing comes as the operating system. We have already reviewed the Smartwatch in a first Hands-On, the release is to take place “in the course of the year”.