Samsung Good Lock with Floating Windows from Notifications, More Rapid Adjustments and More

We have already spoken before Samsung Good lock, the experiment of interface of Samsung seeking to innovate beyond Touchwiz. Good Lock change several basic interface sections such as the notifications, the lock screen and the recent applications.

Good Lock is available only to high-end Samsung (Galaxy S7, S6 and Note 5), and although it is not a product finished but evolving, you are receiving a good reception by the early adopters. However, its most notable feature is that it is updated every two weeks applying the suggestions of the community.

And with these suggestions you will reach the version 24.0.10, already available in Galaxy Apps, which fixes 19 bugs and incorporates features such as floating dragging windows Since a notice, more rapid adjustments and backup.

Drag- and -float

The most remarkable novelty of this update is what Samsung calls “floating windows” from notifications, and which consists in Drag a notification to open its application as floating window resizable. It is easier to see it that explain it, so here you have a video.

Moreover, Good Lock is still manipulating the quick adjustments, that on this occasion you earn two additional buttons more: Synchronization y Ultra Power Saving. Also tambien accesible accessible, in the notification bar, you’ll find the Quick Connect bar.

The list of new features is closed with function to create backup copies your settings and restore them and a pretty impressive list of bugs fixed ranging from locks until changes in colors to make them more readable.

You may try other Good Lock on compatible devices (Galaxy S7, S6 and Note 5) that are updated to Android Marshmallow, installing it from Galaxy Apps or lowering yourself the APK from places such as APKMirror.