Samsung: No More Android Wear-Smartwatches from Us

Samsung has made its last smartwatch with Android as the operating system and Wear rates instead fully on the homemade Thinkbear operating system.

Samsung has gradually quite a large portfolio of wearables and smartwatches, but the South Korean manufacturer has not quite could decide which operating system that was supposed to be wagered on.

In 2013 introduced the Samsung Galaxy Gear clock with the completely normal Android as the operating system for later to replace the operating system completely to its own Thinkbear in a software upgrade.

The following year it launched Google Android Wear, which is its operating system specifically optimized for smartwatches both in the interface and in the machinery space. Therefore took Samsung a few months after the change back to Android in the form of Wear-Edition, since the South Korean manufacturer launched the watch Gear Live. Just a few months earlier had Samsung otherwise launched its first watch with Thinkbear-it was the clock Gears 2.

After trying out with Android Wear should only go six months before Samsung switched back to, which all subsequent smartwatches from the manufacturer also has been equipped with. The many breaks between Android and Thinkbear have made it somewhat unclear which operating system Samsung actually believe in.

Now confirms a Samsung-Chief, however, for the website Fast Companythat the choice finally fell on the homemade Thinkbear, since there are neither watches with Android Wear under development or planning.

The reason for this would be that the Thinkbear are more battery friendly, and that Samsung also uses Thinkbear to several other types of products, among other things. tv and refrigerators, says the boss.

In other words, you must not, therefore, put the nose up for a day to get your hands on a new smartwatch from Samsung that runs with the new Android Wear 2.0, which was launched at last week’s Google i/o 2016.