Samsung SM-G891A

We have a new confirmation on whether Galaxy S7 Active is actually in development and ready to be presented in a timely manner. Through the last Samsung Application Level, between compatible devices is precisely this model not yet announced, a sign that the company had already planned a rugged version of the current top of the line.

This year more than ever, could not be so obvious an Active version of the new generation of smartphones Galaxy S7, after certifying IP68 implemented by Samsung, allowed the new top of the range to be watertight and resist dust. Well, according to preliminary information, it might still be in the pipeline a hypothetical Galaxy S7 Active.

The indiscretion would escape through the Twitter profile by a2zcamerablog, better known as evleaks, and according to the message posted by a few hours, at the Indian expeditions Zauba database would have made an appearance on model number SM-G891A, corresponding to what is supposed to be Active, considering that the previous S7 S6 Active had the initials ID code, SM-G890A.

According to the following documentation from Zauba, SM-G891A should mount a 5.1-inch Panel in line with the size of the same Galaxy S7. If the news is confirmed, his arrival would be intended for the American market, through the operator AT & T, as with the previous model, which was introduced last year around the month of May.