Samsung: That’s Why Exploded The Note-7 Batteries

Samsung has identified two causes for the exploding and burning batteries in the Galaxy note 7.

Samsung today at a press conference in the South Korean capital Seoul announced the reasons for this, which is why in some specimens of the Phablets Samsung Galaxy touch 7 the battery explode and burn could. Therefore, the Samsung technicians as well as external experts participating also in the investigation found two reasons.

In the upper right corner of the battery, there was a design flaw, which led that the electrodes have bent and this could lead to a short circuit.

In addition, the batteries of a certain supplier were improperly welded. This could also cause a short circuit.

The Smartphone hardware and software of the Galaxy touch 7 should be, however, impeccable.

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Samsung was not the name of the battery supplier. However, it is known that the batteries from the company Samsung SDI Co Ltd (a subsidiary of Samsung) and Chinese by Amperex Technology Ltd (ATL) come. Samsung plan no legal action, and no claims for damages against the supplier of the batteries.

Samsung continues: “Samsung has the Zielspezifikationen for the batteries used in the grade 7 set. Accordingly we accept responsibility for the errors that occurred in the development and manufacture of batteries and we have only discovered after launch of the Galaxy Note7.”

The claims about 700 experts from Samsung as well as professionals from the third-party test organizations examined several months exponent, UL and TÜV Rheinland long 200,000 note 7 and more than 30,000 batteries. DJ Koh, President of mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics, expressed his deep regret over the incident and thanked Galaxy Note7 customers at the same time, mobile network operators, as well as sales and business partners for their patience and continued support.

Samsung assures that’s “(have) implemented many new internal quality and safety processes based on the investigation results of Samsung to increase product safety by additional requirements, such as multi-level security measures and the 8-point battery, security check. In addition, Samsung has made the battery Advisory Board of external consultants as well as scientists and researchers. This Panel of experts will accompany the product development in the field of batteries in particular under the aspect of product safety with a neutral view”.

Samsung also announced that it has done; loss $5.3 billion through the touch-7 debacleThese are currently the equivalent of some EUR 4.94 billion.


Here’s Why the Galaxy Note 7 Exploded (Report)

Here's Why the Galaxy Note 7 Exploded (Report)