Samsung Wave 723 in Test

Neat exterior, but the Samsung Wave 723 has both highs and lows.

Don’t see this like a 2500-kronorsmobil, not! Metal shell signals a far more expensive mobile, and in combination with the touch screen, there is actually no comparable mobile in the same price range. When I then delves further into the box and finds a leather case, I am sincerely delighted. Unfortunately, it is also this Samsung Wave 723 river their first hurdles.

Etuit is a flap of leather for the screen that is attached directly to your phone by replacing part of the shell. A brilliant idea, and I like it until the first time I try to write something with landscape screen keyboard. The lid cannot fold behind the phone, and then it’s completely in the way of everything you want to do with the phone in landscape mode. So good thinking, and yet it was so wrong!

When you switch on the phone, it becomes clearer that this is a budget model. The resolution is 240 x 400 pixels on low, and if it depends on the screen quality, or that the system is not really suitable for resolution, I don’t know, but most of it seems a bit blurry on the screen. On the plus side, the screen has good accuracy and sensitivity to touch.

System in Wave 723 Bada is Samsung’s own system in version 1.1. Samsung calls it a smartphone system, and technically, it is difficult to contradict. What defines a smartphone is that it is possible to install and run the software on the phone and that these applications can make use of the phone’s system functions. For that to mean anything in practice, there must of course be software to install.

When I tested the first Samsung phone with Bada, there were only about 200 programs in your phone’s application store, Samsung hymlade not with that it was a very modest start. Today there are ten times the number of applications on Samsung Apps. Still a fraction of what is available to Android and the Iphone, but in all cases, a development in the right direction. But when i go into Samsung Apps on the Wave 723, I get just over 450 programs to choose from. If it is due to the fact that only some programs support this phone’s screen resolution or if Samsung cruise into programs to their Android phones that are visible on the total in the store, I don’t know.

In addition, part of the so-called programmes are audio books, others are the same program with different names, an app to call a person with a touch of a button, for example, under the names of My sweetheart, Dad, Grandma mm. Overall impression is that the most are a few knick-knacks and useful program in the store. The store itself is well implemented, and it is easy to buy and install software. However, Samsung Wave 723 cope in the current situation it may stand on its own feet, not to lean on the term smartphone.

Bada-the system in itself is not so small like Android, but it would be unfair to call it a copy. Rather, it is a further development of Samsung’s Touchwiz interface that existed before the first androidmobilen. In the classical style, it has a number of home screens with widgets and a main menu with icons. There are only 8 widgets to choose from in your phone, and not so much to useful to download from the store (it is not possible to search the right widgets in Samsung Apps). In addition, the screen resolution that is only occasionally can fit more than one widget per screen.

The system itself is one of the better in the mobile world, but it has its peculiarities. For example, do you get when you hold the menu key up active applications and can close them one by one, but beware of selecting close all, disappear your carefully arranged widgets from your home screens and you have to put them up again!

As far as I can see, I can not get vibratorfeedback on screen printing, only sound feedback. And for some reason is the right tone to adjust with the volume control in the start screen. You can sync to Google Calendar via Exchange Active Sync, but it works like that, and I miss at least one alarm which never sync over to the calendar. On the other hand I have on another occasion some of the cell phone which beeps and alarms without there being any indication of what. SMS displayed as conversations, but the name that is displayed is the last written, which means that a lot of conversations under my name, as the whole point of de-emphasizing the sms conversations. The browser, one of the main arguments for a Smartphone, is instantly bad compared to current competitors.

It is these tiny miss that makes the Wave 723 does not feel that the quality product we first thought it was, but certainly there are positive surprises too. The calendar has great overhead view and you only need to select a day to see the events that are registered there. The music player is quite feature packed, including the equalizer, music recognition software. It is good sound in the speaker, and one can record FM radio.

Well hidden also phone a great document reader for PDF-files and Office documents. It is so good at rendering text and image, neat and legible that you almost wish that it could also take care of your Web pages instead of the built-in browser. But there is no icon for the document reader, it opens when you open a file of those types are supported, but even then appears on the phone’s multitasking management!

The biggest positive surprise is the camera, which I had such low expectations. The phone’s price tag control expectations more than 5 megapixels with autofocus, but I really think the still images in the camera, tighten that can withstand 100% magnification to nearly and good colour rendition. Videotaping and actual closeups goes on, however, bet on.

If you do not think of the Wave 723 as a smartphone without a stylish metal mobile with touch screen, and see the opportunity to install a different program as a bonus, it is probably worth its 2500 SEK. But with a little more attention to detail, the phone had been able to be a real gem.

On the other hand

Erik M: Really luxurious feel in relation to the price and you’ll see mail correspondence; with the carry case makes the phone difficult to use as an accident at his Office. It is all taking off. I like widgets that give me the info directly in the start screen, it lacks the Iphone’s.

Questions and answers

The phone is fast?

It’s not exactly slow, but sometimes segar the small and you notice that it does not have the top performance.

How is the email application?

Good, but a bit cumbersome. It shows html well, but you may choose to download in the menu many times before a down all her mail.

But how is it to call with?

Perfectly OK. Sound sounds good for me and I’m talking to, and the phone book feature works great, even if it does not stand out in any special way.


Actually, there are no other touch screen phones with metal shell in this price segment. Samsung Galaxy 5 is a far more affordable smartphone options, but you don’t get the same quality feel. The original Samsung Wave costs a thousand more, but also feels much more qualitative.

Test chart

Camera stills will surprise positively, and even with a difficult moving subject as this is often good.