Samsung Galaxy Ace the Test

Samsung Galaxy Ace is a blatant Iphone 4 copy on the outside, under the shell is both better and worse than the model. Mobile has tested.

I really wonder how people thought about Samsung when it decided that Galaxy Ace would look like it does. Who is it that should fool who really? Samsung think that buyers subconsciously associate Ace but the more expensive Iphone 4 and therefore will be more likely to buy Ace. Or should the customers attracted by the ability to fool their friends and acquaintances, which at a glance might think that they have actually acquired an Iphone 4?

For the look can not possibly be a coincidence. Galaxy Ace has a more exclusive predecessor in Galaxy S and already when it was launched, many people reacted to its similarity with the existing Iphone models. In the first instance concerned the phone’s exterior, as well as Samsung’s own interface showed some similarities to Apple’s operating system.

If you then have in mind that Apple changed the design since it launched the Iphone 4 and compare the changes with the differences between Galaxy S Galaxy Ace so it becomes almost ridiculous.

The same metal-molding around the edge of the phone and the same flat back instead of the arched shape of the back as both Galaxy S and previous Iphone models.

In defense of those who designed the phone’s exterior, one should say that it feels solid. In particular, I like the ribbed back that provides a good grip. It also has a style that feels just right. It is no problem to hold it in one hand while reaching across the screen with your thumb. I also like Samsung placed the button to turn on and off the screen on the side of the phone, perfectly placed for thumb or index finger, instead of choosing the slightly smaller ergonomic position on the upper side, as several other manufacturers.

Leaving aside the appearance-related plagiatet is it still good to Samsung comes with a mobile phone, at least on paper, is a mid-range phone for those who are price conscious but at the same time want a relatively advanced mobile.

The screen size of 3.5 inch means that it may be counted among the larger phones. But even so, Samsung has chosen resolution 320 x 480 pixels, which is the default resolution used in the very first Android phones. Screen size and resolution are two of the things that distinguishes Galaxy Ace from its more expensive cousin Galaxy S.

Resolution relates to how things appear on the screen and it turns out a few weaknesses in the phone. As with some other less expensive Samsung phones is that the browser doesn’t really hang with at all times. On the Web pages you have to really zoom in on a small part of the page text to look good, which is not necessary on more high resolution phones. Despite the fact that the phone has Android 2.2 can not play back flash in the browser.

If one continues the comparison with Galaxy S and it to the point that Ace offers the same resolution when taking stills with the camera, that is to say 5 megapixels. A clear advantage is that Samsung made sure to equip the Ace with a photo light, something that the more expensive S lack.

When it comes to video recording impresses Ace really not, highest resolution is 320 x 240 pixels, and then, the camera captures 15 images per second.

With Samsung’s own Touchwiz interface, it is possible to move around apps and shortcuts a little as you want, which gives a little more opportunity for personal customization than many other Android phones.

Samsung has already installed some custom apps, including Office app Think Free Office. It can handle Word, Excel and Powerpoint files and you can both open and edit existing files and create your own on your phone. The files can be stored on the memory card or in the storage space of 1 GB as you get access to about to register.

Enter text in the Think Free or in other apps can do with a Swype keyboard, where you drag your finger on the screen, over the letters contained in the word. You must pass the letters in the right order but it is not so sure that the dots in each letter.

The function is quite good at guessing what it is trying to write, and in cases of uncertainty, the first four proposals that one can choose from, nothing is right, there are four additional proposals from the system. Of course, you can also choose to type in the words letter by letter. Then maybe the phone’s usual on-screen keyboard is preferred. It looks like-that’s right, the Iphone keyboard.

Another app that Samsung has provided the phone with is media-app AllShare. It allows you to stream media files via wlan from phone to other devices. It is, however, required that the device that will receive the media stream supports DLNA standard.

Samsung also stands for fm radio, a nicely designed app which for some reason think that users should pay most attention to crank on the frequency knob. It is namely the steering wheel and large numbers as a pointer to the current rate that takes up most of the screen. Therefore, there is only room for four snabbbvalsknappar and information about which station you listen to will be shown with small text. To listen may I pick up a pair of your own headphones, because for some strange reason, Samsung has decided to not to get with any headset when buying Ace, very strange considering that it costs over 3000 crowns.

ACE is the one that said a mellanklassmobil not directly distinguish themselves in any way, other than that it’s ridiculously like Iphone 4. Price wise, it cannot compete with equivalent models from ZTE and Huawei, but if you want to have a little higher quality feel and see the appearance that an advantage is perhaps worth the money.

On the other hand

Elias Nordling: The phone feels very light in the hand, which in itself is a plus, but helps it feels plasticky. In particular, as it so obviously copies it far more qualitative Iphone 4. The copying takes direct absurd forms. For example, lost touch-buttons for back and menu completely when not in use, even when doing things when you need to access them. Why? For then there will be only one button in the middle – which on the Iphone! Otherwise, I think the screen feels like your phone’s weakness. It responds well to pressure, but it does not feel quite sharp and when you scroll down it feels like graphic grötar together.

Questions and answers

Android phones tend to be more powerful, the bigger they are, the Ace?

Performance impresses the not, sometimes you see that graphics processing is not enough when one moves quickly through menus.

Can you connect All Share to all computers that have Wlan?

No, there must be a computer or router that supports DLNA standard.

It is a good surfmobil?

No, the screen is 3.5 inches is not enough, the resolution is modest 320 x 480 and the browser could handle the contents of the Web pages better. In addition, the lack of flash in the browser, even though version 2.2 of Android supports it.

Test chart

The Flash works perfectly ok when it is dark in the room, which fill flash when the phone gets problems with back light it works not.


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