Samsung Wave 575 in Test

Samsung Wave 575 is a compact smartphone with Samsung’s own system. The price is around £ 200 and, on paper, is the very phone and many features you get for the money. But what does it look like in practice?

Samsung Wave 575 is neat and smooth and design is very similar to the popular cousin, Samsung Galaxy S, but really much less. The build quality of the phone feels good even though the back just like the Galaxy 10,000 seats provides a plasticky feel. The phone is equipped with three buttons on the front panel that you use to dial and navigate the menus with. On top sits a on-and-off switch and a button to activate the camera, while the underside is equipped with a volume control. Although I usually have quite difficult to type on small touch screens, I think it works to write on the screen and if you want to, you can also use a type box to draw up the letters to use.

The operating system Bada is discussed and you can of course ask why Samsung is determined to run a proprietary system for their easier smartphone models instead of running Android even on these. The main disadvantage of Bada is the comparatively poor selection of apps that are available in Samsung’s own software store. As such, the app store otherwise, easy to navigate and it also applies to Swim-the system as a whole. Touchwiz interface, which is also used in Samsung’s Android lurks, makes you feel at home even if you are not familiar with the Swim. Then the similarities between the systems to the exterior is so big makes it just that question mark why Samsung still insist on Swimming only gets bigger.

Screen no further

The screen on the phone is one of the things Samsung apparently has chosen to save money on to push the price of the phone. It is low resolution for its size and gives pretty dingy colors. Because the screen is so low-res becomes even grid across the different pixels are visible from time to time, especially when showing bright colors on your phone. The screen surface is very shiny and reflective and in bright light is on no further use. The low resolution also feels very restrictive for phone widget-opportunities because I did not manage to squeeze in more than two widgets per screen. It makes it an ever-browse between the different screens, which does a bit of the entire sentence with widgets.

Facebok widget for Bada-the system automatically updated every three hours, just as densely. It’s probably good for battery life and data costs but in these digital times, a lot of the film happen in three hours. If, as I like to have my phone full of widgets is the Samsung Wave 575 not optimal to use. Running man too many widgets running at the same time as running heavy applications such as the built-in navigation software gets your phone easily panic and complain of low memory.

Camera in Samsung Wave 575 is the 3.2 megapixel and there has been no cost to provide it with any photo light or Flash. For this reason, it requires good light conditions to it even to be worth using the camera. It is strange that Samsung skip photo light on several of its models, but sometimes deceiving well simply penny wisdom.

Otherwise, it’s relatively good about what the camera is concerned. You can change the brightness manually and there are several different picture modes to choose from. The camera also features smile detection and to take panoramic pictures. As for video recording with the camera is the maximum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and you can zoom in up to two times, but that the quality will be particularly noticeably worse. Now the quality is nothing on anyway because the camera compresses the movie quite hard which makes the material both jerky and grainy. Any high-definition movie recording with your phone is not available, which is not to be expected considering the price. To send photos directly to Facebook, go easy with the phone and it can also fuel up the films to record directly to Youtube.

Poor Web browser

The browser in your phone leaves a lot to be desired. What I especially bothers me is that it is not possible to zoom out enough on the sides in order to get a good overview of the major sites. When I test surf in to Aftonbladet, it is therefore difficult to get a good overview of the content on the site. Because browsing is one of the main uses for touchscreen phones, it is a pity that Samsung did not put more effort into your browser. The alternative browser Opera Mini is usually a godsend in those cases where the built-in browser is not good, but for some reason insist on Bathing system with filling a good fifth of the already low resolution screen with control buttons when running Java applications. Unfortunately is the Samsung Wave 575 not all that good as surfmobil. Hopefully, the built-in browser but better in future versions of the system.

The phone is equipped with a built-in GPS and navigation uses the built-in Samsung SBS software. However, it is not complete at the time of delivery without the maps must be refuelled download online through the program and saved on a memory card. No such thing came not in the box with our test specimens. Unfortunately, there are no Google Maps for Bathing system and Samsung SBS shows not only maps and satellite images. That navigation system is SBS, however, otherwise excellent, and in it you can find everything from restaurants to car parks and speed cameras.

Many shortcomings

To summarize, Samsung Wave 575 a phone that has quite a few flaws, but if you want a smartphone for 2000 bucks get cold figure with it. I have really tried to find what the phone would have of Swim system, but I can’t find any. Possibly, the system is more adapted for low-performing phones than what Android is and maybe had the Samsung Wave 575 been unbearably chewy with Android as the operating system instead.

To your phone’s defenses must nevertheless be said that you actually get a lot of features for the money if you buy Samsung Wave 575. GPS, navigation software, camera, touch screen, fm radio, 3.5 mm jack for headphones, and more. Inevitably it is nevertheless so that more of the phone’s competitors at this price is actually better.

On the other hand

Erik M: The status bar in the top can pull down as a blind for information, it is a good thing. The keyboard also works well thanks to words, and despite the fact that the screen is far smaller than most good and useful touch screen mobiles. As Kent writes, however, Swim nothing to set against the Android or Iphone, but might play a role in Samsung’s cheapest mobile phones.

Questions and answers

The phone is fast?

No, we have many widgets started complaining about the phone sometimes on that memory is low. Facebook-client is unbearably tough from time to time.

How is the email application?

Pretty awkward. I had to sit a good moment and fiddling before I managed to figure out how I could use my gmail account. Despite the small format works, however, it is good to write lyrics on it as long as they are not too long.

But how is it to call with?

It’s good both for me and the one I speak with. Nothing and nothing peculiar.


Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 Mini is an option that is set in roughly the same price range but has better camera and is equipped with Android. Even Android handset HTC Wildfire might be an option if you think the screen is too small in the Sony Ericsson handset.

Test chart

No Flash or photo lamp and not very high resolution. The camera provides no photo prices but good enough when there is good light conditions.


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