Samsung Xcover 271 in Test

Rain, snow and sleet does not stop B2710. It works well in all weather conditions and offers more functionality and apps than most other rugged phones.

Choose a durable mobile phone usually have to give priority to remove many features. In B2710 get anyway 3 g so you can download the maps in Google Maps, and keep an eye on your Inbox with email.

Samsung says the phone to clear as well water as wind. The latter seems to be that all phones would do and what durable in case with this Samsung cell phone does is IP67. IP is a standard that defines this and the first digit means the fare from dust and other small particles penetrate and destroy. The second number, i.e. 7, says that the phone is able to be in the water for up to 30 minutes at depths down to one meter. Figure 6 for resistance against dust, sand and similar is the most protection on the scale, while for resistance against water, there are phones that can handle more and more deeply.

Worth pointing out is that it has no special protection against bumps and knocks. Admittedly, the phone feels right resistant even if you drop it to the floor. It has rubber sides and plastic shell but it cannot promise that it will keep in a case.

To be somewhat of a wilderness cell has actually Xcover 271 part features, in addition to resistance, which makes itself useful in wilderness environments. 3 g is a good thing but most benefit has perhaps one of the phone’s gps and 3 g can come in handy to download Maps in Google Maps. Well out in the wilderness, it feels, however, that you may have problems with navigation. Google Maps can find the way when there are ways to find but is worse when it comes to areas without roads.

As a sort of Supplement to map and gps compass is also available, but it is a separate program and even a little odd. Against a background where the North is always up, spins a compass that will guide. When I test it it says often that the compass must be calibrated and the man asked to spin around on the phone, but the worst is yet to the compass is not integrated in the maps application. Now it is more adapted to put it on a paper map.

Whether you’re in the wilderness, on a construction site or in the middle of town, there is a prepared application for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Are you a frequent user of these so small, however, the measure put some sticks in the wheels. There will be many clicks back and forth to see everything, and the same is true if you want to read your email on your phone. Then it becomes a tiny text for you to see more than a few words at a time in the mail you receive and want to read on your mobile phone. Yet it may be said that the phone with its limited screen size manages to get into a lot of both function and surface and, of course, you have to prioritize. It’s really none of the major touch screen mobiles that is as durable as this mobile.

In noisy environments, this rugged phone ready to render your speech better than others, but when I tested and compared with some “regular” phones, I have to say that the Samsung cell phone does not stand out in this regard. It’s not worse, but not noticeably better than the other. The major difference between this rugged and Samsung’s equivalent, but 3 g is to clearly notice the difference in battery life. When I tested with 2 g only I got Xcover struggle for a long time to draw on the battery with small fantastic battery life. Therefore, you ponder about what the 3 g or the battery life as you prefer.

Question & Answers

It will be dropped?

Blow to your phone is not defined in the standard approximation, it just makes the water and dirt. Regardless of the phone feels durable with its rubberized sides, and it can certainly more than most.


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