Samsung’s Armani Phone Flashing Tested

Last year Samsung released an exclusive mobile along with fashion house Armani. Now comes the youthful sequel-with winks that feels as exclusive as a colorful plastic toy.

I don’t know why, but many so-called “design phones” released through the years has most of all focused on being tasteless, rather than stylish.

Samsung M7500 Armani is another one of those strange design mobiles which should rather get holder to feel embarrassed than happy. To warrant the label “Emporio Armani” so have Samsung fläskat with luminous letters on the entire page, where you can read just the brand Emporio Armani in green, red and blue-hysterically brilliant.

If you look at the features, this phone is not much to hang the Christmas tree (although the colorful lights at the edges makes it feels appealing as Christmas tree decoration).

Now, you might think that you should not request the good features of a fashion phone. But why should I pay SEK 3 500 for this mobile? Well, it may have something more I think to myself, and looking for me on down in the menus, and end up first in the Games menu, but neither does it make me understand what I am paying for with this phone.

Samsung M7500 is one of the mobiles that have 3 g but where one wonders to what benefit?

Email program is really lousy. All sensible mobile email program starts downloading the user’s most recent emails. In General feels email program obsolete. The browser also doesn’t feel quite as this year’s model.

What actually exists is a fm radio that works decently, and a pretty decent mp3 player function.

The camera is a 3.2-megapixel camera, but the images are just okay. Indoors, they often become quite grainy, because the phone has neither Flash or photo lamp. U

There is a simple calendar, there is an alarm clock, a notes function, and an audio recording function, but some more 2009-related features such as Facebook or Youtube does not exist.

This phone costs a lot, and what you are paying for is the most vulgar light flashes which with their phone to do a little advertising for Armani’s youth brand Emporio.