Samsung’s DJ-Phone Tested

As music phone stand out because the Beat DJ in several ways and it has not only to do with disc jockeys. No, the phone also has a couple of large speaker that sits on the side and gives good sound.

It is similar to not very much else, new Beat DJ from Samsung. The shape is undeniably both unique and spectacular, but although there are many music features and so of course the mobile phone. Beat DJ is basically just a large touch-sensitive screen and the controls all functions.

We should perhaps begin to check out DJ function. It works fun enough with all the music you have on your phone, so the possibilities are endless. It takes one second for DJ software to load the song you want to work with, but then you can change and add effects you want.

In addition to scratching, you can also change the sound with such as ECHO and key changes.

Anyway, of course, works the phone beyond that DJ tool even as regular music phone for those who are content to just play music without changing it. Playlists work well and when playing music, you can change the volume on the side of the phone.

You can sometimes miss buttons, for in multiple contexts so feels the screen a bit too small to both accommodate the content to be displayed, and to view the buttons, options and menus.

In the Beat DJ is 3.2 megapixel camera and placed in a Visual trefoil on the back of the camera.

I think the images are good. Autofocus makes the sharpness and the lamp will do, in fact, pretty good in darkness and gives a great shine. The video, however, is not as good.

If you want to look at their pictures directly into your phone think it safe to photo display is smartly designed, in all cases, when you look at the first

Do you surf in ordinary browser, the settings are simple, more or less automatic, but e-mail is more complicated.

For messages, e-mails included, you notice that the screen is the smallest team to both be able to show content while it should make it possible to enter custom content, such as when writing a message you want to send.

In the start screen for the whole phone is the Samsung widgets using the connection to the network can become really useful, for example, for a current weather forecast. It may, however, place at most one at a time. Not content with calls and music, it works fine, but the Beat DJ Smartphone as soon as you want to do more than that puts constraints on their tracks.