Scandal Factory Foxconn Replaces Employees with Robots

The giant factory, Foxconn, which among other things produces Apple’s iPhones, has replaced half of its employees with intelligent robots.

Your next iPhone may very well be picked by smart robot technology instead of an underpaid employee from the gigantic factory Hall Foxconn in Taiwan-most known for being the supplier of Apple’s iPhones.

Just Foxconn has been hit by a share scandals over the years, because the factory’s employees have been inhumanely badly paid, just as they have worked and lived in wretched conditions in the so-called Foxconn City. The situation has gradually improved, but the working environment in the gigantic factory still have resulted in several suicide.

The solution is according to Foxconn to replace more than half of the factory’s employees with smart robots that now have become so good thanks to artificial intelligence that they can produce your next iPhone and any other smartphone cheaper, faster and more efficiently.

“Foxconn plant has reduced its workforce from 110,000 to 50,000 thanks to the introduction of robots. It has provided a foretaste of the success by reducing labour costs, “ says the factory’s Director


Such a drastic restructuring of the factory, which produces consumer electronics for many of the large companies, can have both good and bad consequences.

The positive outcome of this is, of course, that there is now half as many employees, working under poor conditions and that hardly comes close to so many scandals from the factory. The less good news is that the many layoffs can have a big impact on the economy – not only for individual employees, but for the whole region, as Foxconn, as you know, is its very own town about the size of the whole of the island of Funen.